Target Smarter with SmarterTravel Audiences

SmarterTravel, a TripAdvisor subsidiary, now offers its unique in-market travel audiences through Neustar AdAdvisor. SmarterTravel provides travelers with expert travel content, inspirational imagery, deals and recommendations, as well as booking tools that search across a broad network of travel sites, reaching 200M consumers monthly.

SmarterTravel audiences aggregate consumers who have performed a search for travel, clearly signaling strong intent. This makes it easier for marketers to reach active in-market travelers during their planning phase, a highly sought after audience segment due to the lucrative opportunity to influence a consumer while they are actively making purchase decisions.

SmarterTravel audiences allow marketers to drill down even further, targeting consumers based on the destination the consumer is planning to travel to (continent, country, city) or what the consumer is shopping for (flight, hotel, cruise, car) – signals which can be indicative of where they are in the trip planning cycle.

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