Tailor Call Preferences to Unique Needs of Customers

Manage Call Authentication Across Solutions

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) must keep up with the impact of the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) mandates around STIR/SHAKEN and robocall mitigation, and the resulting impact on how calls are presented, tagged, or blocked. Until now, those policies had to be installed on individual end-devices or managed through applications.

With Neustar’s Policy Manager, authorized users assign and apply call authentication rules, policies, and preferences to determine how calls are managed and presented at the network, enterprise, and subscriber levels.

Policy Manager provides a unified experience across Neustar’s entire Trusted Call Solutions portfolio, including Certified Caller, Robocall Mitigation, Caller Name Optimization, and Branded Call Display (BCD), so you manage policies once.

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Policy Manager offers an easy-to-use GUI and standards-based APIs to CSPs so they can:

  • Quickly set and change rules with custom dashboard views
  • Create new revenue streams by enabling enterprises to customize call policies
  • Propel STIR/SHAKEN efforts forward and implements robocall mitigation programs faster
  • Reduce need for custom integrations and costly IT support
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