Software Test Support Services Mitigate the Risks of Deploying or Upgrading


Testing applications in a production-like environment allows you to identify unforeseen problems and correct the issues before they adversely impact your operations. Pre-production design and testing eliminate costly business disruption, improve your customer experience and protect your brand, but they also divert your staff from performing operational activities that grow your business.

Neustar Professional Services provides a suite of Test Support Services to ensure your application deployments and upgrades perform at optimal levels with minimal disruption to your operations. From design, setup, reporting and testing execution, our experts ensure your application deployments, upgrades and certifications perform in production as expected and that projects are completed on time.

Specialized Support for Better Real-World Testing

Telecom IT system disruptions caused by issues not identified during pre-deployment testing can cost carriers hundreds of thousands of dollars per hour, negatively impact customer experience and result in publicity that damages your reputation.

Our experts have 17 years of industry expertise to provide your staff broader insight into your operational environment and assist you with better real-world testing to:

  • Accelerate test schedules to deploy on time
  • Improve production performance by ensuring all necessary testing is performed
  • Identify which tests are most important to your business
  • Reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary tests

Assistance for All Stages of Testing

Test Planning

Neustar provides test planning consultation and test plan development to assist your team in risk analysis, software/ system coverage analysis and test design approach.

  • Establish test scope and goals
  • Design test scenarios
  • Create test cases

Platform Management

Our platform specialists determine the optimal sizing of servers for simulation and design a virtualized testing environment.

  • Size, acquire and configure servers and networks to represent production
  • Monitor systems and log correlation across multiple platforms
  • Audit the test environment and validate the intended design

Test System Configuration

We develop and automate test cases, manage testing dataset and manage the environment with system monitoring and log correlation.

  • Create test case drivers, automation scripts and results collection tools
  • Create representative data sets
  • Maintain test configuration through system lifecycle

Test Execution

Our staff can provide on- or off-site expertise to execute test cases and provide application support and monitoring.

Test Evaluation

We will summarize and review test results with you and provide conclusions about your system under test.

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