Simplify VoIP Provisioning, Number Management, and Ordering


VoIP providers, like other communications service providers (CSPs), rely on having telephone numbers to assign to customers. And like CSPs, they face the complexities of working with multiple direct inward dialing (DID) suppliers to receive telephone numbers and services to sell, assign, and update off-network databases.

VoIP providers, their resellers and end customers all benefit from fast, accurate provisioning, activation and ongoing customer care.

End-to-end automation via a single, web-based portal.

The Neustar VoIP Provisioning solution provides end-to-end automation enabling VoIP providers and their network service providers to quickly and accurately manage and maintain numbering resources. The intuitive user interface simplifies ordering for both VoIP providers, their resellers, DID suppliers, and agents, allowing them to:

  • Order, port and manage numbers
  • Manage customer information, services and trouble tickets
  • Offer features like caller ID and E911 through a product services catalog

Neustar provides the functionality CSPs need to service their customers via a single web portal. Capabilities include:

  • TN Inventory Management. Manage inventory by type: native, partner and ported
  • Order Management. Speed ordering including activate, port in / port out, directory listings, E911 and CNAM
  • Problem Management. Enter and manage trouble tickets, and SLAs
  • Reporting System. Includes standard, status and volume reports
  • Active work lists with real-time data for order processing and enhanced reporting
  • Out-of-the-box integrated framework with Webservices APIs to speed integration
  • Standalone GUI for quick start, testing, training

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