Safeguard Your Business from Telecom Fraud

Identity Assurance for Trusted Communications

In an increasingly connected digital world, businesses need to be able to trust their data. Telephone numbers are a primary mode of identification used for a variety of business purposes, such as multi-factor authentication and contact center communications. However, with telecom fraud on the rise, the ability to ensure the authenticity of each telephone number has become a more pressing issue. In 2017 alone, telecom-based fraud was estimated at $29.2 billion. Fraudsters are using phone numbers to spoof identities, open fake accounts and create fraudulent telecom charges.

The Neustar Global Numbering Intelligence Service provides instant insights into suspicious telephone numbers, so you can safeguard your business transactions and protect your company, and your customers, from fraudulent activity before it starts.

With automated access to an unprecedented authoritative network of continuously updated telephone number data, the Global Numbering Intelligence Service analyzes each phone number and quickly detects the propensity for fraud, flagging risky transactions before they wreak havoc on your business.

Fraud types such as International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF), Wangiri or Callback Fraud, Premium Rate Number (PRN) Fraud and Subscription Fraud accounted for over $11.5 billion in losses in 2017 (source: CFCA). With some types of fraud, telecom providers are often left with the bill, while with other types the enterprise will pay the price - through lost revenue, inflated costs, and poor customer experiences that can lead to a tarnished brand reputation.

Real-Time Identity Assurance

Using customized search parameters, the Neustar service queries selected telephone numbers, and within milliseconds identifies if that phone number is suspicious. Telephone numbers are analyzed against a series of attributes that could signal a propensity for fraud, answering questions like:

  • Was the number recently ported?
  • Does it have the correct number of digits?
  • Is the phone number valid? Has it been allocated to a carrier?
  • Is the number currently roaming?
  • Is it a premium rate number?
  • Is it currently active?
  • Is it a ‘high risk’ number?

Whether you are a financial institution, customer support center, retail operation or telecommunications service provider, you need quick access to information that will protect your business. Neustar’s Global Numbering Intelligence empowers you with that information.

Global Defense to Restore Trust

Neustar’s Global Numbering Intelligence Service provides global coverage across all major markets, including 250 countries and territories. The service uses a standards-based ENUM API, making implementation quick and easy. And you only purchase what you need, so there is no upfront CAPEX investment required.

Neustar Global Numbering Intelligence Services enables businesses to:

  • Verify if a telephone number is valid - before making a transaction
  • Reduce IRSF and high-risk destination fraud
  • Optimize call routing
  • Accurately fulfill customer transactions and reduce fraudulent activity
  • Enhance the customer experience and avoid unexpected charges

Trusted Connections for Your Business

As the market leader in responsible identity resolution, Neustar enables trusted connections between companies and people at the moments that matter most with world-class and industry leading communications services. Where telecom fraud breaks down trust in communications, Neustar steps in to provide identity assurance to help in the efforts to stop fraud in its tracks, rebuilding trust in business communications.

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