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Real-life Examples of Targeted Retail Advertising


It’s no secret that relevant online ads, especially ones with local flavor, generate higher response than generic banners. But in the past, retailers found it difficult to target locally with precision—for every consumer reached in a desired city or neighborhood, you’d hit 10 outside your geographic or demographic boundaries. Results were often uneven and ROI fell flat.

Neustar solves that challenge with online advertising solutions built on accurate, reliable and diverse targeting data. For back-to-school, the holidays and other selling events, retailers use our solutions to move consumer audiences. Whether you’re targeting by geo-radius, ZIP+4 neighborhood or specific venues—or refining your efforts with demographics and other predictive behavior criteria—you can reach the right audience with the most relevant ads.

Drive a National Campaign

Challenge: For Fall Rush, a big-box retailer needed to reach college students with offers on tablets and other electronics.

Solution: Identified IP addresses to target colleges by campus, down to specific venues—for example, a student union or large lecture hall. Reach students across the country with ads containing offers, pricing and creative customized by region. Launched a complex national campaign with multi-region components. Thanks to our IP-geo data, students in key markets saw the most relevant ads.

Drive a Local Campaign

Challenge: A wireless retailer in Las Vegas wanted to reach consumers near six local stores.

Solution: Utilized ZIP+4 neighborhood IP data to reach local shoppers with the latest phone offers to drive in-store traffic. The retailer was able to factor in local preferences, product sales histories and inventory levels. The result was a true hyper-local marketing campaign.

Reach Audiences at Select Venues

Challenge: A marketer of high-end luggage sought a way to reach more travelers while wasting fewer impressions on people who tend to stay home.

Solution: Using IP addresses associated with airports and hotels, targeted frequent travelers while they were actually on the road. In particular, zeroed in on venues on the East and West coasts, where people book longer flights, have greater travel-related needs and historically spend more on items like luggage.

For retailers, accurate data = reliable ad targeting.

Neustar gives retailers an online ad solution that works consistently and effectively. Quite simply, we reach audiences no one else can—those you thought were beyond the grasp of scalable, locally relevant campaigns.

Target with Confidence: The Most Accurate and Reliable IP Data
Neustar doesn’t simply repackage the IP data that enables targeting by location, organization and venue from public sources. With direct access from the source, we collect our data via proprietary, patented technologies to map routable IP addresses worldwide. That’s not all. Our network geography analysts interpret, add to and validate our data, plus a Big Four accounting firm annually verifies our methodologies. The bottom line: when it counts, you can trust our data to make sure your ads reach their targets.

Privacy Matters
Neustar’s targeting solutions are privacy-compliant. Our IP data lets you reach scalable, targeted audiences without tracking individual behaviors or usage patterns. It is PII-free (personally identifiable information). Plus our offline data avoids sensitive categories like alcoholic beverages, medical conditions, prescription drugs, ethnicity, religion or sexual preference.

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