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Neustar RequestFlow

Automation to Scale for Number Portability


As porting volume increases, the limitations of manual processing are magnified. Working in multiple systems with different interfaces leads to mistakes that require follow-up and re-work. The result is service delivery delays that are costly and result in poor customer experience that contributes to churn.

Neustar RequestFlow provides automation and scale that accelerates and scales processing of local service requests, resulting in faster time to bill, additional revenues and satisfied customers. Whether automating number portability processes for the first time or replacing an existing solution to scale operations to growing porting volumes, carriers benefit from the electronic bonding and compliant solutions RequestFlow provides.

Reduce Complexity with One Interface to Send and Received

Neustar RequestFlow provides a single interface to send and receive requests and interconnect to multiple trading partners. Purpose-built to comply with Canadian Local Ordering Guidelines (CLOG), RequestFlow increases order flow-through for local telephone service, loop services, cable pairs, dial tone, private line and frame-relay services.

Bundled solutions with workflow for:

  • Port-in requests
  • Port-out requests
  • Directory listings requests (411)
  • Emergency service requests (E911)

Cloud-based Efficiency

RequestFlow is delivered as a hosted solution and integrates to multiple operating support systems via web-services API for efficient deployment.

  • Built-in Trading Partner interfaces for AS2, email and HTTPS.
  • Send E911 data to Telus Alberta, Telus BC, MTS, SaskTel and Bell Ontario/Quebec.
  • Supports multiple file formats, including ASCI/text, RTF and Microsoft Excel.

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