Target Potential Employees with Recruitment Advertising


It’s no secret that college students live online. To effectively reach them, you need to be sure your online ads reach the right campuses, plus are highly relevant, with tailored messaging and creative. The need for accurate, relevant advertising extends to other audiences, including employees at competing companies whose talent you’d like to attract.

Recruitment marketers rely on Neustar IP Intelligence to target online ads with clockwork reliability. Using rigorous methodologies for collecting and analyzing IP data, Neustar locates audiences where your message will have high impact: in dormitories, student unions and business offices—or in any other area where your audience lives and works. Following are examples of savvy online recruiters using our targeting tools to get the results they need.

Recruit Students at Top Schools

Challenge: A leading financial services and consulting firm sought a way to recruit students at select colleges.

Solution: Leveraged IP addresses to target by campus, sending ads, YouTube videos and more as part of broader recruiting efforts.

Recruit for Specific Skills

Challenge: A large energy company needed to recruit at colleges with strong engineering programs.

Solution: Utilized IP addresses associated with top engineering schools: Georgia Tech, Stanford, Rice and many others.

Recruit Interns

Challenge: A major consulting firm wanted to advertise internships.

Solution: Delivered online ads to top-tier schools, targeting by campus and specified radius.

Recruit at Community Colleges and the Military

Challenge: Drive enrollment for an online university.

Solution: Used IP data to target community college students as well as military personnel seeking degrees or certifications.

Recruit Competitors’ Employees

Challenge: Recruit employees with highly specific industry experience.

Solution: Geo-locate competitors’ buildings. When employees visit sites within Neustar’s network, bid on the impressions and deliver customized ads in real time.

Accurate data = reliable ad targeting

Neustar gives recruiters an online ad solution that works consistently and effectively. Quite simply, we reach audiences no one else can—those you thought were beyond the grasp of scalable, tightly focused campaigns.

Target with Confidence: The Most Accurate and Reliable IP Data
Neustar doesn’t simply repackage IP data from public sources. With direct access from the source, we collect our data via proprietary, patented technologies to map routable IP addresses worldwide. That’s not all. Our network geography analysts interpret, add to and validate our data, plus a Big Four accounting firm annually verifies our methodologies. The bottom line: when it counts, you can trust our data to make sure your ads reach their targets.

Privacy Matters
Neustar’s targeting solutions are privacy-compliant. Our IP data lets you reach scalable, targeted audiences without tracking individual behaviors or usage patterns. It is PII-free (personally identifiable information). Plus our offline data avoids sensitive categories like alcoholic beverages, medical conditions, prescription drugs, ethnicity, religion or sexual preference.

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