Reach Your Customers & Prospects Everywhere

Neustar Data Onboarding links your valuable customer data to the digital advertising ecosystem, so you can target and personalize consistently across all channels. 

Bad data in results in bad data out. Most onboarding services do not address data hygiene within a marketer’s own first-party data. The result is data leakage, loss of accuracy, and inflated non-addressable scale, plus compounded impact of downstream applications of dirty data.  

Neustar provides seamless data onboarding with the highest match rates, scale, and speed in the industry with the lowest dependency on cookies to future proof our clients business and maximize performance.  

  • Cleaner data, better reach, more effective targeting and measurement. 
  • Less data leakage using superior identity resolution to eliminate low-quality linkages and non-addressable scale. 
  • Enabling more consistent customer experiences across all channels using greater scale and accuracy.  

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