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Protect Subscribers from Illegal Robocalling


With almost 3 billion robocalls received by Americans each month, 4.5 million consumer complaints about robocalls to the Federal Trade Commission and $350 million lost by call scam victims per year, the time is now to improve your subscribers’ call experience.

While the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has put rules in place that allow carriers to block ‘likely fraudulent’ robocalls before they reach subscribers, there is a lot more to do to ensure the right calls are blocked.

Apps that detect spam and tag the call with an alert warning are helpful to mobile phone subscribers. And it’s important to offer these same features for calls to landline phones, since 49% of American households are still using wireline.

With 97% of business calls unanswered, it’s critical to help your enterprise and SMB customers manage and protect their brand, improve call answer rates and deliver a better customer experience when calling customers.

Deliver Trusted Calling Experiences

Neustar Robocall Mitigation solution combines behavioral analytics, caller authentication and verification to help accurately identify robocalls, caller ID spoofers and call scammers.

Key Features
  • Authoritative Data: Neustar’s reliable proven data integrated with a broad range of sources, including inbound caller ID, call lists, FCC complaints, external blacklists and carrier feedback to identify, flag and classify risk of an individual phone number and calculate a fraud score
  • Advanced Fraud Detection: Behavior analysis and tracking of abnormal and unexpected calling patterns to detect high volume robocalling, spoofing and suspicious call activity
  • Subscriber Notification: Override Caller Name 15-character display to warn subscribers of suspicious calls across 800+ operators (landline, cable, mobile & VoIP)
  • Call Blocking Support: Identification of invalid, unallocated and unassigned numbers as per FCC Report & Order (Nov 2017) to accurately identify which calls to block
  • Blacklisting: Allow verified enterprises to specify inbound-only Do-Not-Originate numbers to help identify caller ID spoofing
  • Whitelisting: Allow verified enterprises to specify legitimate outbound numbers to prevent inadvertent blocking or spam-tagging
  • Web-Based Dashboard: Near real-time access to service metrics and analytics
  • Flexible Policy Engine: Take the fraud score to block the call, tag it with a SPAM warning or certify as an authentic caller and apply policies such as time of day display capabilities

Trusted Call Solutions

Neustar’s position as a neutral information services provider, market leader of caller ID services and coauthor of caller authentication standards, allows us to access and corroborate data to ensure business identity is consistent, reliable and secure across communication channels. For customers, this means they can trust who is calling them and are assured that business listings are verified and up-to-date. For businesses, it ensures they protect their brand reputation against fraudsters and spoofers and deliver a more secure, consistent and reliable customer experience. For communication service providers, this enables them to deliver trusted communication experiences for subscribers.

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