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Proactive Change Notification

Comply with TCPA Proactively, Prevent Non-Compliance, Save Money and Protect Reputation

Timely Data Updates Is the Key to Preventing TCPA Violations

Today’s complex TCPA regulatory environment along with state Unfair, Deceptive or Abusive Acts and Practices (UDAAP) makes reaching the wrong consumer or using the wrong number to auto-dial or send a text a risky mistake – one that can cost thousands of dollars per incident.

Did you know that each time you erroneously contact someone whose data has changed, your business is at risk of at least $500 civil liability, per violation? Courts may triple the liability if violations were wilful or knowing. Your liability can grow very quickly with the erroneous contacts:

  • $50,000 PENALTY 100 Consumers in One Day
  • $200,000 PENALTY 400 Consumers in One Month
  • $2.4M PENALTY 4,800 Consumers in One Year

Changes to consumer data is occurring daily, weekly – and with the ease of technology, these changes are happening more frequently than in the past – increasing the chances of violating TCPA much higher.

Furthermore, there is rapid data degradation occurring with these frequent changes, and when you add changes such as address, name, email, etc., the rate of degradation sky rockets close to 60% out of date in only two years.

Why Neustar’s Proactive Change Notification?

With Neustar’s Proactive Change Notification, we proactively push updates directly to you with verified consumer data filtered through Neustar’s own extensive consumer data repository. This repository is updated continuously and corroborated over two million times daily from over 200 authoritative sources – all in milliseconds – to ensure accurate and timely consumer updates.

Neustar’s Proactive Change Notification helps to simplify TCPA compliance by:

  • Reducing the risk of dialing a phone using outdated phone data
  • Reducing the expenses by not sending same data month-over-month
  • Improving coverage of insights allowing for more flexibility in dialing programs driving increased Right Party Contact
  • Optimizing outbound dialing strategy to:
    • Improve efficiency by focusing dialing efforts during times when consumers are more likely to answer
    • Maximize revenue per call by focusing agents on the best phone to reach a consumer
    • Increase right party contacts by prioritizing consumers most likely to answer

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