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Neustar Professional Services Priority Assessment

Reduce Revenue Leakage Through Enterprise Risk Management



  • Forward Thinking Analytics
  • Multidimensional Risk Mapping
  • Risk Guided Revenue Intelligence

Gain Insight Into Risk to Reduce Revenue Leaks

Neustar Priority Assessment services help Communications Service Providers proactively evaluate their practices and improve revenue recovery while minimizing exposure to risk.

Through in-depth consultation, Neustar will evaluate and analyze your data and put a plan in place to help you to identify and reduce threats that could jeopardize incoming revenue.

Stop Fraud and Control Risks: Identify returning debtors and authenticate new subscribers at the time of install

Reduce Sales Costs: Mine new customer data to customize best offers.

Shrink Fraud Losses: Identify fraud usage behavior faster, before it occurs.

Minimize Risk and Maximize Opportunity: Automated integration to Neustar Information Services and advanced analytics helps identify high risk/high reward customers.

In Depth Know-How and Expertise

Neustar Priority Assessment Services is an innovative, cloud-based business planning audit service that helps you:

  • Identify revenue streams at risk
  • Define business goals
  • Prioritize problem resolution
  • Report on key business indicators
  • Create mitigation plans
  • Measure mitigation effectiveness
  • Recommend improvements

Expert Assistance

Neustar Priority Assessment service experts take a proactive approach to risk assessment and problem identification so you can:

  • Stay ahead of threats and challenges
  • Reduce revenue loss through better risk identification
  • Ensure effectiveness of revenue intelligence practices and controls
  • Increase revenue recovery; minimize risk
  • Drive revenue and reduce churn

Why Neustar Priority Assessment?

  • You NEED insight that reduces revenue loss through better identification of risk areas
  • You NEED to understand priorities to increase the effectiveness of revenue intelligence practices and controls
  • You NEED to see a clear return on invested time and money to reinforce best practices

Detect Multiple Fraud Types

  • Subscription Fraud
  • Wholesale Fraud
  • Back Office Fraud
  • Bypass Fraud
  • Enterprise Fraud
  • Sales Channel/Dealer Fraud
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