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Neustar Phone Activity Indicator


Instantly Identify Active Phone Numbers and the length of Activity

With the ability to instantly know whether a phone number is actively being used, companies can identify more qualified transactions, improve outbound call center efficiency, increase response rates and decrease operational expenses.

Phone Activity Indicator from Neustar, enhances your identification and verification power by authoritatively indicating whether or not a landline, VoIP or mobile phone number has had activity over a preceding time period.

Add a New Dimension of Authoritative Data

Phone Activity Indicator was developed utilizing billions of consumer initiated transactions within Neustar's market proven, on demand consumer insights engine, IANSM (Identifiers, Attributes and Network). Our relationships with nationwide U.S. phone carriers and over 240 other proprietary data sources enable us to deliver unique insights on hard-to-find data when they initiate contact, in sub seconds. All of this provides an authoritative method to identify phone numbers that show activity and the length of that activity.

Improve Real Time Decision Making with Deeper Phone Attribute Insights

Phone Activity Indicator helps various types of organizations such as eCommerce companies, survey and market researchers, call centers and many others to decrease operational costs by prescreening phone numbers that display activity or no activity. Combined with the phone number's length of activity, this service empowers you to better quantify lead value, customize interactions and make informed actionable decisions in real time, one interaction at a time.

  • Enhance your fraud engine performance determining in milliseconds if a customer provided phone number has recent call activity
  • Decrease manual reviews by automatically approving more transactions that display longer phone activity
Survey and Market Research
  • Improve operational efficiencies focusing on calling phone numbers with high likelihood of reaching respondents on the first try
  • Increase revenue by selling higher quality leads
Call Centers
  • Improve outbound call effectiveness pre-filtering phone numbers that have not recently made a call and focus on leads with active phone numbers
  • Increase conversation rates by prioritizing higher value leads and sending them to the best agent

With Phone Activity Indicator, You Will:

  • Move transactions faster through the approval process linking active phone numbers to verified name and mailing and email addresses in milliseconds
  • Save agent call time focusing on phone numbers — landline, VoIP and mobile — with a high likelihood of contactability
  • Increase acquisition rates prioritizing higher value leads to the best agents
  • Boost revenue identifying and selling higher quality leads

Gain Actionable Phone Intelligence:

Discover for yourself how Phone Activity Indicator delivers actionable insights on the activity of a phone number and the length of activity to reduce operational expenses, improve call effectiveness, speed up approvals and increase profits.

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