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OrderPath is a Leading Intercarrier Ordering Gateway, Proven to Support Major Operators


As the ability to transfer their telephone number to an alternative service provider becomes the norm for subscribers, operators need an efficient system to support and manage the number portability process.

Without the ability to recognize and handle number portability requests, the network will not recognize new customers within operators’ business and operations support systems. This can result in customers’ calls not being ported reliably, resulting in lost calls and dissatisfied customers.


OrderPath Highlights

OrderPath is backed by 20 years of OSS development at Neustar. The result is a high quality system that provides quick, effective upgrades and high levels of performance, reliability and availability.

Integrates Easily

OrderPath integrates seamlessly with existing order flows and Point of Sale (POS) systems for both fixed and mobile carriers.

It provides an Application Programming Interface (API) between operators and the central clearing house or other service providers in order to implement the complex message protocols and processes required for any of the supported data exchanges.

OrderPath provides CORBA- and web services-based APIs for integration with neighboring OSS and BSS systems. The product is already integrated with NumeriTrack® number inventory system.

A Dependable System

OrderPath is a carrier grade system, offering high levels of performance and reliability. This is the result of:

  • Primary and failover servers
  • Dedicated and backup connections
  • Database persistence of all information related to the porting process
  • Guaranteed delivery of messages to external systems
  • Auto transmission retry
  • Event logging
  • Protocols for SNMP alarming and system metrics
Adapts to Operator Needs

OrderPath has been designed to support the needs of any country’s data exchange requirements – and changes to those requirements over time.

The process flow for number portability, ENUM, Directory Query or Emergency Services can be easily configured for different numbering plans and individual operator requirements

Easy to Use

For stand-alone operation, the OrderPath software provides an intuitive, user-friendly web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) which manages the order entry and mediation process. Data can be entered directly on the OrderPath GUI and processed.

Cuts Troubleshooting Costs

OrderPath provides separate diagnostic and reporting features in addition to automating other management tasks to help service providers quickly and cost effectively perform data exchange operations.

System users can query, track and manage activity by date, activity type, status, user identification and/or telephone number. These capabilities ensure any issues or errors in the process can be identified and resolved quickly and efficiently to maintain customer satisfaction.

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