Order Insights to Increase Revenue and Shorten Provisioning Intervals for Access Providers and Buyers


Carrier Ethernet has evolved from an enterprise technology for local area networks (LANs), enabled by carrier-grade extensions and capabilities, to the de facto technology for high-speed, fiberbased access networks and long-range core networks. Recent studies have found that Ethernet is at least half the cost of legacy TDM technologies across various deployment scenarios and offers significant cost savings as bandwidth demand increases.

However, existing communication service provider (CSP) service fulfillment and order management systems are not designed to manage the idiosyncrasies introduced by Ethernet, leaving providers to create significant manual operations to provision the service. Difficulties in getting real-time status updates of progress result in provisioning times that can span weeks and months, resulting in costly delays and cancellations

Clearinghouse to Connect Access Providers and Buyers

Neustar Order Insights enables CSPs to reduce the manual exchange of information between providers and access customers, allowing them to accelerate the time to provision Ethernet orders, and ultimately increase revenue. The solution’s dashboard and reporting functionality reduce the number of calls, spreadsheets and staff time needed to manually track and manage orders, enabling buyers to perform ad-hoc inquiries to view order status on demand. Proactive workflow triggers and notifications enable CSPs on both sides of the transaction to benefit from faster installations.

  • Providers improve the quote-to-cash cycle
  • Customers reduce the costs of inquiry

Both Providers and Customers

  • Reduce the costs to track and respond on status
  • Reduce rescheduled installations and delivery delays
  • Reduce changes due to untimely status responses
  • Reduce cancellations due to no status response

Provisioning Experience and Innovation for Ethernet Provisioning

Neustar provides the first automated Ethernet order status service for the access service request (ASR) ecosystem. Access providers pass information from various source systems to Neustar via an API, enabling buyers to query the Order Insights GUI for status. Order Insights processes the inquiries and delivers a response, independent of which CSP processed the original ASR.

Neustar provides an expanded number of codes to report on and search for, with more in development.

Status Item Covered by Industry Covered by Neustar
ASR Accepted (ACK) Yes Yes
ASR Rejected (NACK) Yes Yes
DLR Date Yes Yes
Plant Test Date Yes Yes
Confirmed Due Date Yes Yes
Order – Supplements 1, 2, 3, 4 Yes Yes
C/NR – Errors Yes Yes
C/NR – Previous C/NR Clear Yes Yes
C/NR – Jeopardy Yes Yes
C/NR – Jeopardy w/errors Yes Yes
C/NR – Remarks/Informational Yes Yes
C/NR – Provider Initiated Cancellation Yes Yes
C/NR – ASR (PON) Completion Yes Yes
Site Visit ECD - Yes
Site Visit ACD - Yes
Customer Premise Ready ECD - Yes
Customer Premise Ready ACD - Yes
Infrastructure ECD - Yes
Infrastructure ACD - Yes
Network Facilities Complete ACD - Yes
Additional Status Codes Coming Soon Covered by Industry Covered by Neustar
C&E Fiber Pl & Splicing Pending - Yes
C&E Fiber PL & Splicing Complete - Yes
Engineering Notification ECD - Yes
Engineering Notification ACD - Yes
OSP Planner Response ECD - Yes
OSP Planner Response ACD - Yes
DEMARC Information - Yes
Design Jeopardy - Yes
Design Jeopardy Resolved - Yes
CNL Equipment Scheduled - Yes
Verify CNL Equipment - Yes
Design -EVC Missing - Yes
Technician Assigned - Yes

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