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Optimize Customer Interactions with Accurate and Complete CRM Data

Customer data is changing faster than ever. Do nothing and, on average, 60% of your CRM records will be inaccurate in only two years.1 The decay in CRM data undermines your organization’s ability to scale outreach, personalize, and enhance customer experiences.

Acquisitions, merged records, and data silos can lead to differing data schema. Bringing the data together into a single view is often difficult and expensive. How can you gain a single, 360° view of your customer, with records that update automatically when customer identifiers change?

It’s time to stop guessing. The more you know about your customers the more effective your customer interactions can be. Build your business on a complete and up-to-date view of your customers.

Neustar Customer Identity Management provides a single, authoritative source of customer identity through proactive record management. Keep an accurate view of customers’ identities across channels. Elevate customer satisfaction and customer support efficiency. Fill gaps and merge duplicate records into a single clean, accurate view of identity.

Identify The Same Customer on The Phone, at Point Of Sale, and During Sign-Up in Real-Time

Neustar Customer Identity Management proactively cleans, repairs, and fills in the gaps across your customer records, ensuring you have the most accurate and complete view of each customer. The process runs on top of the Neustar OneID® platform, a repository that is updated and corroborated over two million times daily from over 200 authoritative sources. Changes in customer records are automatically pushed directly to your CRM, without the latency and errors associated with continuous bulk uploads.

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1. Source


  • Consolidated
    Combine records across systems, silos, and business units
  • Complete
    Create a complete, persistent, and accurate view
  • Dynamic
    Consumer changes pushed proactively to your CRM
  • Unified
    Consistent cross-channel communications at scale
  • Intelligent
    Simple integration; data when and how you need it
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