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Optimize Customer Communications with Better Customer Data

Consumers move rapidly across devices and touchpoints. Their experience suffers—along with your organization’s operational efficiency—if your consumer data can’t keep up. Don’t guess. Get accurate and verified customer identity data.

Neustar Customer Identity File gives you access to the most accurate and complete name, address, and phone data. Filtered through Neustar’s authoritative consumer data repository, which is updated continuously and corroborated over two million times daily from over 200 authoritative sources – all in milliseconds – the Neustar Customer Identity File contains the most authoritative and complete consumer data.

Whether you are sitting on mountains of customer data or looking to build your own repository from scratch, Neustar Customer Identity File gives you the power of true consumer intelligence.

Accurate and Complete View of Each Customer

Neustar Customer Identity File is a static file transfer to clean, repair, and fill in gaps across your existing CRM records. Improve customer outreach using the right data without putting your business in violation of a compliance regulation or your customers at risk from fraudsters impersonating them. Keep your organization safe and secure with best-in-class privacy compliance and data encryption.

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  • Build Your Own Database
    Create or complete customer databases to fill in gaps in consumer records and improve customer communication.
  • Scale Cross-Channel Experiences
    Enrich customer identity data to provide an accurate view of customers’ identities across channels.
  • Flexible Delivery
    Receive a full or partial file via SFTP on a monthly basis, as needed, or realtime appends to your first-party data using Neustar’s managed solutions.
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