OMS Insights: Actionable Insight to Optimize Operations


Faced with mature markets and intense competition, communications service providers (CSPs) need every edge to acquire and retain customers, add revenue and increase margins. Fast and accurate provisioning is essential in reaching these goals: onboarding sooner generates additional revenue per customer and begins the subscriber relationship with a positive experience.

CSPs need to closely monitor transaction activity and track the performance of multiple internal systems and processes as well as external factors related to trading partners and vendors. With an abundance of data, CSPs need timely insight on performance factors that impact operations.

Visualization to Identify Bottlenecks, Anomalies and Trends

Neustar OMS Insights is a visualization solution that provides CSPs insight to the key performance indicators of their operations. With continuous views of performance data, CSPs can quickly identify bottlenecks and detect anomalies that require immediate attention, and view trends that impact the bottom line.

Key stakeholders are presented top-level views with full drill-down capabilities into the metrics most important to them:

  • Executives: Net gain/loss to know if you are winning the battle for subscribers
  • Operations: Port In intervals and errors to see average order flow-through time
  • Marketing: Trading partner volumes to gauge market and segment gains/losses

OMS Insights uses data sources only available from Neustar and can be extended to include additional Neustar demographic data, analytics and CSP-specific data. Reporting is on all number types, including natives, port ins, port outs and disconnects.

Neustar OMS Insights provides continuous, timely performance monitoring that enables CSPs to identify potential issues and take immediate, corrective actions to accelerate revenue and reduce manual processing due to error and customer outreach. Performance benchmarks help you set realistic performance goals for process improvements and staff training.

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