Get Control of Your Telephone Number Inventory

Improve Operational Efficiency, Increase Revenues and Gain Consumer Trust

Today, everyone and everything is connected — and at the heart of each connection is a Telephone Number (TN). TNs are the core of a service provider’s business — impacting identity, provisioning, activation, billing, and more. But many service providers manage their TN inventories manually, or through multiple disparate systems. That results in inaccuracies, order delays, out-of-service issues, lost revenues — and frustrated customers. In fact, research shows that up to 30 percent of a service providers’ TN inventory is inaccurate.

A Single Source for Telephone Number Data

Consumers and regulatory organizations are demanding a better experience, and CSPs are looking for technology to help them transform their businesses. Available on-prem or via the cloud, NumeriTrack provides one unified, API-based solution for maintaining the data integrity of millions of telephone numbers, including mobile, landline, and VoIP. The automated solution ensures telephone numbers are properly maintained and ready to be activated, reducing the risk of provisioning the same number more than once, or assigning unavailable or non-working numbers. NumeriTrack is flexible, extensible, and scalable to manage any data attribute associated with each TN, such as switch information, etc.

Share Data Across Teams to Reduce Risk and Make Data-driven Decisions

With NumeriTrack, multiple teams can view, filter and create reports based on roles, enabling users to make informed business decisions across the organization.

Network Teams - View TN utilization and allocations based on network topography.

Code Administrators - Proactively manage TN inventory across the company, to identify when to order new blocks of numbers and when to protect an existing block or donate it to pooling administrators.

TN Administrators - Quickly visualize and manage TN inventories according to FCC-mandated reporting requirements and automate the provisioning of TNs to new subscribers. Complex port-corrections and return-to-donor requests are handled with ease.

Marketing Teams - View historical TN data and utilization trends to measure the success of campaigns.

Telephone Number Accuracy — A Critical Step to Restoring Trust Through STIR/SHAKEN

In December 2019, the U.S. government mandated that voice service providers implement the STIR/SHAKEN caller ID authentication framework by June 2021 to combat fraudulent calls and bring trust back to voice communications. STIR/SHAKEN is built on the premise that a carrier knows the lineage of the phone numbers they provide to customers. Based on the relationship with the telephone number and the customer, the carrier will assign a level of attestation.

NumeriTrack provides carriers a clear and accurate view of their entire TN inventory - and a way to maintain this accuracy - empowering them with a foundation of truth for each telephone number. It enables carriers to mitigate the risk of inadvertently attesting to calls that originated from a phone number that does not belong to them, which can jeopardize their standing in the STIR/SHAKEN ecosystem. Seamlessly integrated with Neustar’s caller authentication portfolio, carriers can begin the STIR/SHAKEN implementation process to ensure a safe and secure calling experience.

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