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Neustar NumberManager: Number Portability Software 

Telecom’s Premier LSMS Solution


Neustar NumberManager

Implementation of a telephone number port requires provisioning information to be communicated to a service provider’s network. The Neustar NumberManager® application provides the communications between regional-level Number Portability Administration Centers (NPACs) and Network Element Management Systems (NEMS).

Service Management Systems (SMS) require an upgrade to handle number portability (NP). The NumberManager application helps administer service changes, modifications, and disconnects for NP, providing a cost-effective way to manage NP services.

An SMS upgraded with NumberManager can coordinate and provision all the NP subscription updates that the NPAC sends. Networks equipped with this application will receive all the data needed to properly route calls to ported and pooled numbers. The NumberManager application also maintains a mirror of the NP database, including recent porting history information. This provides critical information for customer care and billing applications.


The NumberManager application is a complete NPAC-to network translation guide. when the program receives an incoming NP subscription notification from the NPAC, NumberManager validates data elements. This validation involves the cross-reference of the area code exchange digits, Location routing Number (LRN), and service provider identification number.

From there, NumberManager translates routing information into provisioning messages, which are then sent to the domain-level network systems. Four functions make NumberManager indispensable in today’s business world.

The Application:

  1. Receives subscription, network, and service provider data from the NPAC – including mass updates;
  2. Processes and stores subscription, network and service provider data;
  3. Updates the network elements; and
  4. Audits against the NPAC and network databases

Neustar’s NumberManager application can be linked to multiple NPACs to maintain a global view of network provisioning. Users can set the system to monitor provisioning information for any ported or pooled number activated by the NPACs.

The software makes number portability manageable for all networks. NumberManager delivers long-term reliability through:

  • Dedicated and backup connections to each NPAC
  • Automatic retransmission
  • Automatic error logging


Optimum Usage
As the demand for telephone numbers increases, service providers must allocate them efficiently. NumberManager gives carriers the ability to allocate telephone numbers in 1000 number blocks for optimum usage.

Easy Number Portability Reporting
The NumberManager application maintains a complete subscription data history and delivers a variety of reports. Users can obtain and manage system configuration, subscription reporting, NPA-NXX data, NPA splits, service provider profiles, and subscription data. The application also produces a variety of number portability reports.

Network Flexibility
Once the data is received and translated from the NPAC, NumberManager provides highly efficient number portability provisioning. The software can be easily integrated with NP-enabled network systems. This flexibility means that service providers can switch network elements without changes to NumberManager.

Management Made Simple
Neustar’s Network Interconnect Module (NIM) resides in the Network Element Management Layer. This module simplifies management by provisioning NP data across multiple network elements, managing network element synchronization and regionalized NE deployments.

Optional Features Available
The NumberManager application’s optional features accommodate demanding NP environments and support future upgrades and replacements. The software manages network and service provider data, including LrN, global Title Translation data, area code/exchange digits, and NPA splits.

NumberManager Quick Facts

NumberManager features help ensure that the service provider properly routes calls for ported and pooled telephone numbers. The application provides carrier-grade features that are indispensable in today’s business world. key attributes of the Number Manager application are:

  • Proven history with almost a decade on the market
  • reliability, high availability and scalability
  • reduces implementation time for service providers with multiple NEs
  • resynchronizes with systems after outages
  • Provides a communications status window for monitoring NPAC connections
  • Includes protocols for SNMP alarming and system metrics
  • Produces detailed LNP reports
  • remote User Access
  • User training and support
  • Provides interoperability with multiple OSS/bSS system
  • Makes number portability a reliable and worry-free process for all networks

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