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Neustar Numbering Solutions & Number Inventory Management

Telephone numbers – a public resource administered externally – remain mission-critical to your business. Your teams are tasked with ensuring the right amounts of numbers are in the right places at the right time to meet growth demands and keep orders flowing.

Neustar, number management system experts, uses data in near real-time to deliver solutions and insights to help you make the best decisions on when to order, donate or move numbers on your network. Neustar provides an integrated suite of web-based solutions that pulls the most current data from the authoritative sources – the U.S. NPACs, Pooling Administration and NANPA.

Our number management system solutions serve the range of industry needs from determining telephone number ownership to mass migrations of numbers to assist in disaster recovery:

Power Port Search

Access telephone number ownership, pooling and porting history to ensure you assign “clean” numbers.

Query Manager

Streamline reporting with pre-defined and stored queries. Define your variables and save, schedule and share your queries to speed reporting.

Number Analyzer

We combine monitoring, analytics and dashboards to give you insight at multiple levels of granularity, down to telephone number inventory by switch.

Neustar NumeriTrack®

Consolidate systems to one solution to store, assign, track and manage multiple customer data resources for mobile, fixed-line and VoIP, as well as MAC and IP addresses and SIM serial numbers.

Resource Inventory Management System (RIMS)

Our solution interfaces with Pooling Administration to simplify block requests, donations, modifications and returns. Leverage RIMS to automate regulatory and forecast reports.

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