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Neustar Number Analyzer

Monitoring and Analytics to Make Better Inventory Decisions

Accurately managing your telephone number inventory remains central to your core business need for the right amount of numbers in the right places to meet growth demands. Daily monitoring helps determine whether to order, donate or move numbers on the network; all while complying with regulatory requirements. The Number Analyzer, available in the Neustar Numbering Services Portal, gives you insight to make the best decisions regarding your number inventory.

Interactive Dashboard with the Detail You Need

The Number Analyzer provides you a graphical view of your inventory along with the underlying detail you need. Starting with your number inventory by NPAC region, you can click and drill down to view more detail on your inventory, including:

  • Telephone numbers lost and gained due to porting and pooling
  • Inventory by switch to identify load balancing needs
  • Utilization thresholds for ordering or donating

As with all Port PS applications, the Number Analyzer uses authoritative data sources – NPAC, NANPA and Pooling Administration – in near real-time so you always view the most accurate and up-to-date information available.

Neustar Numbering and Inventory Solutions

The Number Analyzer, an optional Port PS application, helps Code and Numbering Administrators respond to requests and questions regarding:

  • Port-in and port-out activity and volumes
  • Under-utilization inquiries from Public Utility Commissions
  • Reallocating numbers on the network

Authoritative Numbering Solutions from the Numbering Experts

Neustar provides a complete suite of user-friendly, web-based applications that help you manage your telephone number environment. Real-time, authoritative data gives you the most current and accurate routing, pooling and porting information in one application.

Port PS Solutions are accessed from the Neustar Numbering Services Portal.

Port PS Basic: in one place, quickly identify telephone number ownership and routing given the current pooling and porting history.

Query Manager: streamline reporting with pre-defined and stored queries. De ne your variables and save, schedule and share your queries to speed reporting.

RIMS: the Resource Inventory Management System (RIMS) interfaces with the Pooling Administration to simplify pool block requests, donations, modi cations and returns. As a central repository for block utilization and forecasting, RIMS automates regulatory and forecast reports.

API: as an alternative to the portal, you can integrate Port PS with your existing back-of ce to automate the retrieval of ownership and routing data.

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