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Neustar New Movers On Demand


Be the First in the Door

The housing market has been on a steady recovery for several years now. As the new mover rate continues to trend upward, this generates a strong wave of new consumer spending activity as the movers start to make the new home their own.

From purchasing furniture to home care to electronics to communication services, it is estimated that within three months of a move, new movers will spend 3 times as much each month than non-movers. Don’t let them purchase from the competition.


  • Reach True New Movers. Avoid targeting consumers who added or changed a phone or fax line.
  • Outperform the Competition. Access daily feeds of new mover data within 72 hours of a move.
  • Automate Your Marketing. Let us mail your tailored offers to our daily new-mover feeds.
  • Reduce Marketing Wastage. Stop sending non-deliverable mailings with access to USPS-verified and complete mailing addresses.

Gain a competitive edge with Neustar New Movers On Demand. Updated daily, our New Movers On Demand file delivers the freshest, new mover data in the industry.

Typically, other new mover data is 30 – 90 days old. As a trusted, neutral partner to over 240 data sources including nationwide telecommunication service providers, we receive daily feeds of new movers with a new phone connection — ensuring you get data on every consumer who moved in the last 72 hours.

Through our proprietary processes, we ensure that your marketing efforts are focused on actual new movers, not those who just changed or added a phone number or added a fax line. We use other data feeds to compile, verify and enhance a multi-sourced weekly file of new mover data the same week that the are moving so that you can reach consumers before the competition.

Target the Right New Movers

We are dedicated to providing the most accurate, current and smart data available. New Movers On Demand excels by utilizing the full power of Neustar’s unique market- proven, consumer and business insights engine IANSM, which stands for Identifiers, Attributes and Network. By levering the full power of IAN’s Identifier layer, New Movers On Demand gives you access to USPS-verified name, addresses and phone information in a single file.

Additionally, the solution enhances your data intelligence by linking the Identifiers to unique Attributes that offer neighborhood or Zip+4 demographics including median income, median age, median home value, presence of children and many more on all records. These unmatched insights empower you to tailor your message and improve your chances of connecting with the right new movers for your business.

Automatically Reach New Movers — Before Your Competition

Get your offer in the mail faster and more efficiently by letting us automatically send a postcard. We can help streamline your marketing efforts by mailing a postcard — using your custom artwork — to new movers as we receive them. You can further optimize your results by using variable fields so you can test offers, messages and creative formats.

Get the Definitive Edge Over the Competition

Timing is everything with new movers. Make sure your marketing reaches them before they purchase from your competition. Contact us today to find out how you can access the most accurate and up-to-date new mover data with Neustar New Movers On Demand.

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