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Neustar Audience Targeting Solutions

It’s simple. We reach audiences no one else can.


Are your online display ads really hitting the mark? Are they reaching unique audiences your brand or client needs? Stop guessing and start knowing with Neustar Audience Targeting Solutions, a complete online display advertising solution. Just tell us who you need to reach. We’ll craft the data, deliver the ads on real-time bidding exchanges and optimize your campaign to improve ROI.

Who Can You Reach with Neustar? A Few Examples:

  • Reach college students to buy and sell textbooks. Target ads to select top 100 colleges nationwide.
  • Advertise your department store to drive brand awareness and in-store traffic. Deliver ads to ZIP+4 neighborhoods with household incomes over $150K, patrons of hotels with $500 per night rooms and employees at private equity firms, law firms and more.
  • Reach attendees at trade shows to drive booth traffic. Target ads to the conference center and nearby hotels.
  • Engage voters in an advocacy program to influence U.S. Legislators. Deliver ads to selected hotels, airports and ZIP+4 neighborhoods.
  • Promote your new product to biotechnology companies. Send ads to employees of companies within the bio-tech SIC code classification.
  • Avoid displaying ads on sites with negative reviews of your new store. Protect your brand.

Who do you need to reach? Let Neustar be your guide.

Exceptionally Accurate Data + Really Smart People

Neustar fuses audience location (IP address-based online data) with predictive behaviors (offline data). We identify consumers through partner and proprietary data, plus use our IP database to hone in on your targets, pinpointing where and how they use the Internet. Thanks to our Network Geography Analysts and ISP partners, our ZIP+4 geo-targeting is the most accurate available. By consistently hitting your target, it reduces ad waste and boosts ROI.

targeted display advertising - how it works

A Powerful Data Blend for Maximum Results


  • Banks
  • Education (Colleges)
  • Corporations (by name, revenues or SIC code)
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Law Firms
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Religious
  • Retail


  • Country
  • Region
  • State
  • City
  • ZIP+4 Neighborhood
  • Radius Targeting


  • Airports
  • Stadiums
  • Hotels
  • Conference Centers

Predictive Behaviors

Household level behavioral insights such as:

  • Brand affinity
  • Purchase propensity
  • Lifestyle attributes
  • Demographics (age, gender, household income and more)

Webpage Context

  • IAB Website categories
  • Brand protection category tiers
  • Webpage quality scoring
  • Customer defined keyword and website lists

Organization, Location and Venues (Online Data)

For more than 12 years, Neustar’s team has pioneered the science of IP Intelligence, gleaning extraordinary business value from IP addresses. Our database contains all routable IP addresses worldwide. Every day, our analysts interpret, validate and add to this data to ensure accuracy and completeness. In fact, Neustar is the only provider of IP data whose processes are vetted annually by a Big Four auditing firm.

Predictive Behaviors (Offline Data)

Our offline data is brought online to allow targeting based on household-level behavioral insights such as brand affinity, purchase propensity, lifestyle attributes and demographics (age, gender, household income and more). We utilize data from trusted sources: market research (households surveyed), retail purchase behaviors (from catalog, loyalty and gift card programs), demographic providers and national panels (households participating in consumption studies). Most importantly, we use proprietary processes to verify it all and deliver an index of likely household behavior.

Webpage Context

Select the websites where you want your ads to appear – or not. Protect your brand by avoiding sites with inappropriate content or negative content about your products. Target sites with content that aligns with brand objectives, plus convert audiences by reaching them more precisely. Choose from four criteria options for black- and white-listing sites: IAB website categories, brand protection website category tiers, webpage quality scoring and customer defined keyword and website lists.

Privacy Matters

Neustar’s targeting solutions are privacy-compliant. Our IP data lets you reach scalable, targeted audiences without tracking individual behaviors or usage patterns. It is PII-free (personally identifiable information). Plus our offline data avoids sensitive categories like alcoholic beverages, medical conditions, prescription drugs, ethnicity, religion or sexual preference.

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