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Net Asset Value for Financial Institutions



  • Leverage actionable financial insights in real time, across multiple channels
  • Identify geographies with above-average concentrations of high net worth households
  • Append Net Asset Value to your customer and prospect records

Focus on Your Best Customers and Prospects

High net worth households are more likely to be interested in certain kinds of financial products and services — but it can be challenging for marketers to target this hard-to-identify segment. With Net Asset Value from Neustar, you can instantly and easily drive more relevant interactions with those households that are likely to have the greatest amount of liquid capital available to invest or

Net Asset Value is a proprietary measure that predicts liquid net worth at a household level. Understanding the value of a household’s liquid assets, such as stocks, bonds, cash and annuities, derived from detailed consumer surveys, enables companies to predict share of wallet and potential product fit. This insight enables financial institutions to focus their marketing and sales efforts on those households likely to have the greatest amount of available assets.


Optimize Every Interaction

1) Net Asset Value Insights

Net Asset Value allows you to instantly identify and communicate with the households that are most likely to respond to your business’ financial product or service offers with unmatched precision. This insight is available on each customer and prospect in real time when it matters most — at the point of interaction.

With Net Asset Value, you can maximize each interaction by:

Optimizing online ad targeting, customizing website content for each visitor, personalizing treatment in the call center, leveraging this insight during face-to face meetings
  • Optimizing online ad targeting
  • Customizing website content for each visitor
  • Personalizing treatment in the call center
  • Leveraging this insight during face-to-face meetings

2) Net Asset Value with Ground Counts

Net Asset Value with Ground Counts takes liquid asset insights and projects the data to the ground so organizations can identify above-average penetrations of high net worth households in any custom geography. By understanding the location of your target audience, you can optimize your retail distribution strategy through market scanning, hot-spotting, and specific site evaluation. This information can be accessed through Neustar’s proprietary, web-based ElementOne Marketing Analytics Platform anytime, anywhere.

Screenshot of Net Asset Value Head Map in the ElementOne Analytics Platform

3) Net Asset Value Record Appends

Net Asset Value can be appended to your customer and prospect records to gain deeper financial insights into your contact database. By understanding who is most likely to have the greatest amount of liquid capital, you can enhance your marketing and sales communications and focus your cross-sell and upsell efforts on those most likely to be in need of your products or services.

The Data Foundation of Net Asset Value

Net Asset Value builds on the ElementOne Analytics Platform’s granular segmentation system that groups homogenous clusters of US households into highly predictive and actionable customer segments.

The financial survey data that fuels the Net Asset Value insights model is the Federal Reserve Board’s Survey of Consumer Finance. This data is collected using sophisticated sampling techniques, including significant over-sampling among the normally difficult to find, highest income households in the United States. This survey collects extensive data about family balance sheets, pensions, incomes, and demographics to provide deep insight into participating household

Insights derived from this data allow Net Asset Value to differentiate between households with a range of net investable assets:

  • $100,000 - $250,000
  • $250,000 - $500,000
  • $500,000 - 1 Million
  • 1 Million - 2 Million
  • 2 Million+

Turn Insight into Action

Net Asset Value gives your organization the edge to drive more profitable interactions with those households most likely to have the greatest amount of liquid capital. By instantly identifying households that are most likely to have the financial wherewithal to make large investments, apply for high-value loans or carry higher account balances, you’ll be able to reach your best prospects, communicate effectively with them to maximize conversion, and increase cross-sell, upsell and retention.

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