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Identity Confidence

Keep Fraudsters Out, Let Consumers In, Delight Them with Frictionless Experience and Grow Your Business

Neustar Identity Confidence is a next generation real-time capability to seamlessly and instantly authenticate a consumer’s digital identity.

While recent date breaches have heightened the need for fraud prevention measures, companies also need to provide a frictionless experience to consumers online and via mobile and not create a chilling effect.

The Neustar Identity Confidence solution is API-based and utilizes the full power of Neustar’s unmatched, real-time OneID® system, which continuously corroborates, verifies and appends consumer identifiers, attributes and information. In milliseconds, the consumer’s digital identity is authenticated or the fraudster is detected and fraud prevented.

This is why more companies are reaching out to Neustar and quickly integrating our next generation API-based solution seamlessly, and why we are continuing to receive industry recognition.

The Neustar Identity Confidence solution enables identifying and authenticating a consumer with a 360-degree view of the consumer by assessing linkages between name, mobile phone, physical address, email and other attributes, identifiers and consumer information with an unmatched level of precision and is used by hundreds of companies in various sectors ranging from financial services, insurance, retail, telecommunications, healthcare, utilities, and others.

Neustar’s Identity Confidence solution can be utilized by clients for the following use cases, online or via mobile, among others:

  • Account opening
  • Filling out forms to sign up for a service or file a complaint
  • Request for products or services
  • Password resets
  • Purchase goods
  • Log in to perform transactions

Neustar is Your Fraud Prevention Partner

Neustar Identity Confidence is the industry’s leading digital identity authentication solution. This is why VISA® has selected Neustar as it’s digital identity partner for its ID Intelligence ecosystem, recognizing Neustar Identity Confidence solution that authenticates a consumer’s digital identity instantly and without friction.

VISA’s ID Intelligence is a platform that allows issuers, acquirers and merchants to quickly adopt emerging authentication technologies and create more secure and convenient ways for consumers to shop, pay and bank on their connected devices. VISA ID Intelligence offers a curated selection of leading third-party authentication technologies with simple integration.

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