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Neustar’s Proprietary 3-step Onboarding Process

As consumers move across screens and channels their data is constantly changing, making it increasingly difficult for organizations to develop a complete picture of an individual at any point in time. These inconsistencies make it difficult for an organization to merge consumer records within its CRM. And when your CRM has trouble making those connections, you (as a marketer, analyst, sales person, or anyone who relies on this data) are essentially guessing. You’re wasting both time and money, and probably missing the mark on making a connection with that customer or prospect.

That means that everything your organization does to make a connection with a consumer won’t matter, because the data used to fuel those decisions is wrong. Hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent every year by advertisers to deliver meaningful engagement across these channels. You have also invested a large amount of money on a system that is supposed to improve relevancy and personalization, not hinder it. What would having access in real time to enriched customer intelligence mean to your organization and to your bottom line?

Neustar Cleanse and Append™ uses our repository of authoritative identity data to fill in the gaps left behind by your traditional data management platform. With a complete and unified consumer profile, marketers can target more accurately with personalized interactions that drive conversions. Neustar’s authoritative repository of online and offline sources creates more linkages across consumer records, producing higher match rates, consistent cross channel measurement, and real-time identity that continually strengthens your first-party data.

How It Works

  • Cleanse and Append takes an input record with any combination of name, street address, 10-digit phone number, and email address (with the exception of name only), and verifies that that data is accurate and up to date.
  • We append all available secondary contact information associated with the record, such as additional email, address, or mobile phone number, to the identity profile.
  • For a true picture of your consumer, we add a secondary layer of intelligence that links offline identity to online characteristics such as demographic, geographic, psychographic and behavioral attributes.

Better Data Means Better Experiences

True customer intelligence that is grounded in a framework of authoritative identity data enables any organization to create a lasting impression across consumer touch points. Cleanse and Append unlocks the maximum potential of your customer’s identity, using authoritative identity data to power personalized, seamless experiences that motivate repeat purchases, increase customer lifetime value, and earn customer loyalty

  • Identify and validate a consumer’s identity from a single input such as address, phone number, or existing email. Neustar appends your CRM data with the best identity data, including associated name, to improve the quality of customer intelligence across your organization. Maximize the potential of your direct marketing or digital campaigns through accurate targeting and personalized engagement.
  • Enhance existing customer records while appending missing customer intelligence, including complete name, additional phone numbers, secondary address, and up-to-date email. Eliminate marketing waste by ensuring your CRM data is up to date and accurate. Access hard-to-find customer contact data to accurately target and engage with new prospects and existing customers.
  • Improve customer service through sub-second recognition. Append name, email, address, and additional phone numbers to complete your consumer’s profile and enhance your CRM records. With a complete picture of your customer you can maximize and personalize customer engagement across direct mail, email, call center, and onboarding initiatives.

Upgrade from Contact to Identity Data

As the number of data sources used to feed organizations customer intelligence increases, gaps in customer records become more frequent. Traditional data management solutions such as CRM platforms only manage a customer’s contact information and are often unable to link these partial identifiers, limiting marketing scale and reach. Managing a consumer’s identity allows marketers to understand who that individual is at an exact moment in time. Neustar’s identity management platform combines Cleanse and Append with enriched customer intelligence and real-time automation to boost reach, accelerate customer intelligence, and provide true measurement across the enterprise.

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