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Neustar Maximize Network Efficiency 

Innovative Margin Management Solution


Regardless of network size or complexity, technology professionals are trying to achieve the same end result: optimize performance in order to drive the most margin out of every piece of data that travels across the network. In order to accomplish this, communication providers need detailed analysis on the performance of their network in order to make informed decisions.

Neustar provides deep dive analytics through real-time analysis of traffic and helps optimize and address under-performing systems:

Get a Complete Picture

End-to-end visibility with actionable intelligence to identify opportunities to optimize routing, improve carrier-to-carrier connections, increase margins and evaluate network performance.

Prevent Revenue Leakage

Identification of network holes and inadequacies, so that service providers can increase the reliability and profitability of charging and billing systems.

Understand Single Events

Ability to drill down to the granular level and look at individual actions, such as calls made during a specific time period. In order to understand specifics from a routing or traffic analysis, Neustar can store and generate individual event details, including call data records (CDRs), for long periods of time.

Use Adaptable Reporting Capabilities

Flexible reporting through a user-friendly GUI design that offers scheduling and distribution capabilities through a simple interface for users to set up, schedule and distribute various traffic and QoS reports.

Secure an Intelligent Routing Platform

Inter-networking solution that provides route correction and selection for number portability, and IP-to-IP routing resolution. An Intelligent Routing Platform can integrate with other layers to provide optimum solutions for margin management..

Reliable Management of Legacy Data

Ability to factor in historical activity when doing an in-depth analysis or planning for the future. Many carriers require the need for a high- performance, scalable solution that provides the ability to incorporate large historical data sets into routing and analysis.

Ability to Scale with Your Company

Managed service specifically designed to keep pace with technological innovations, market conditions and your organization’s future growth in order to seamlessly meet changing demands.

With the right analytics and insight to take advantage of opportunities to improve efficiencies, successful margin management can have an enormous impact on bottom line profits.

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