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Neustar MarketShare: Measurement With Trusted Identity

Two audiences. One a young urban trendsetter, another a suburban couple nearing retirement. Both have drastically different relationships with brands, different spending behaviors, different behaviors across marketing channels. But the multi-touch attribution report you’re using can’t distinguish between these audiences— you have only a limited media focus without any understanding of the people behind those numbers.

Two spend scenarios. One assumes stability in the current marketing investment mix, with perhaps minor tweaks, over the next 12-24 months. The other forecasts drastic changes in weather, economy, gas prices, and competitor pricing. How do you optimize your marketing dollars for both scenarios? How will your ROI be affected if you shift dollars from one channel to another? How can you respond nimbly in your marketing to internal and external factors, many beyond your control?

Both of these problems stem from the same root cause plaguing marketers across every industry: incomplete, stale, and siloed data. Without a complete, holistic picture of all demand drivers (including online, offline, and non-marketing factors), and without a measurement approach that puts customer identity at the center, the marketing department struggles to quantify and accurately account for their impact to topline revenue.

This is why Neustar MarketShare has become known as the premiere top-down, bottom-up measurement and analytics suite for marketers: we break down the silos of data to provide a clear, audience-based line of sight across every single marketing channel and engagement. Compare multiple marketing mix scenarios at once, making fast and informed allocation decisions as economic and competitive realities change. Optimize and activate your in-flight campaigns in realtime against each of your key audience segments for maximum ROI. Tie every single marketing dollar back to revenue with quantifiable clarity and transparency.

In the connected world, identity is at the heart of knowing your customer. Neustar MarketShare ensures you reach your customers and prospects with the right message, in the right channel, at the right time, for demonstrably higher marketing returns.

“Hilton Worldwide relies on MarketShare technology to support its most critical marketing spend decisions across brands, portfolio and media types.”

— Martin Stolfa, VP, Commercial Services Analytics, Hilton

Neustar MarketShare is a leader in the Forrester Wave for Marketing Measurement and Optimization, with the #1 ranking for current offering and market presence, and highest marks possible (5/5) in seven different report categories.

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