Managed Voice Services: Make Porting Telephone Numbers as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Whether wireline, wireless, cable, or VoIP, porting a telephone number can be very cumbersome, with each service provider having their own swivel chair processes to support multiple unique systems and methodologies, leading to costly delays. Neustar provides local number portability support from provisioning, ordering, activation, fulfillment, on-call after-hours support, to turn-key Managed Services. Neustar’s experienced team of LNP experts can manage the entire process or step in only where you need them.

Providing a full breadth of support customized to your specific needs, Neustar can help to ensure the multitude of steps are completed in the right sequence, at the right time, with the right - and complete - information to deliver your customers the fastest service possible.

Enhanced Service Request (ESR) Managed Services

Neustar Managed Services provides our customers with a Business Process Operations (BPO) team of experts to help you with the successful completion of your LNP orders. As an add-on feature to our ESR software solution, the BPO team can support you on a variety of fronts:

Firm Order Commitment (FOC) Management

Neustar BPO representatives pursue responses to new order requests from your trading partners. After successful order submission, the Neustar team will continue to follow up with the carrier and escalate when necessary until a response is received.

Fallout Management

Order fallout can occur for various reasons - whether it be an invalid account number, a mismatched address, a LEC workload delay, or a multitude of other factors. Utilizing time-tested methodologies, our Fallout Management services determine where the issues lie, apply the required corrective action, and resubmit the order for processing.

Day of Turn-Up (DOT) Service

Synchronizing the ordering flow helps you avoid conflicts and upstream failures after receiving a valid Firm Order Commitment (FOC), ensuring that numbers are successfully ported on the date assigned by the Service Provider. BPO manages the DOT to confirm port readiness, including following up with the losing carrier to gain concurrence when needed.

Reporting and Analysis

On-time reporting is critical for successful business decision-making. Neustar Managed Services provides an Executive Analytics Dashboard, and a Reporting Portal with self-service functionality for customizable on-demand reporting.

Activation Support

Synchronizing the ordering flow helps you to avoid conflicts and upstream failures after receiving a valid Firm Order Commitment (FOC), ensuring that numbers are successfully ported on the date assigned by the Network Service Provider. Neustar monitors new connect Port-In Orders before the FOC acceptance date, ensures order flow is accurate and can be available to participate in Hot Cut calls to support commercial orders.

Ongoing Status Updates

Whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, the BPO staff will provide an event tracker and scheduled conference calls to discuss operational issues and conduct quarterly business review meetings.

Cut Over Support

For large or sensitive installs, customers can schedule a BPO member to be on the call in the event immediate assistance is needed.

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Neustar’s team of subject matter experts brings more than 30 years of local service order experience and industry knowledge to help you identify and address operational bottlenecks that slow customer activation time and ultimately impact revenue.

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