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Neustar Local Service & Number Portability Solutions 

A Simple Solution to a Complex Process


It takes a lot of effort and money to acquire a new customer, but it’s worth it. Even if they are buying a simple single-line service, there’s a good chance that over the life of their relationship with you, they’ll spend thousands of dollars — or more. It’s up to you to make their first experience of service implementation a smooth one.

Fast and accurate service activation is critical to customer satisfaction, and provides a tangible return on your customer acquisition investments. For many customers, your challenge isn’t turning up service in your own network; it’s getting service elements from other providers. For number portability and other intra-Local Access and Transport Area (LATA) services, the Local Service Request (LSR) is the U.S. standard for activating services. A complex maze of acknowledgements, negotiations, and timing that, if not navigated properly, can derail your entire activation project.

Fortunately, Neustar has developed a solution that provides a single interface to all of your trading partners, thus simplifying the complexity of LSR request and response management.

Benefit from Faster Account Activations

With Neustar’s Local Service Solutions, you move accounts from set-up to revenue generation efficiently, accurately, and predictably.

Cost Effectiveness: One interface eliminates the need to negotiate and maintain point-to-point gateways with multiple service providers.

Quality: Automation and pre-order validation options result in the ability to manage both sides of LSR processing with fewer manual interventions.

Flexibility: You can choose between platform module options for stand-alone solutions or integration with existing systems.

Efficiency: You have full visibility into order activity throughout the entire request process.

Compliance: Neustar continually enhances processes to support industry changes and mandates— so you don’t have to.

Why Neustar?

Put simply, Neustar enables interoperability. We connect billions of endpoints, thousands of networks, and hundreds of technologies every day. Count on our Local Service solution to take the “headaches” out of LSR processing — and to leave you more time to focus on your customer. Our comprehensive solution provides:

  • Support for all standard request types, wireline-to-wireline element ordering, wireless-to-wireless porting, and Intermodal porting
  • Automated ordering from initiation through activation
  • Option to utilize powerful graphical user interface (GUI) or application programming interface (API) access platforms
  • Robust pre-order and order validations ensure less fallout and request rejection
  • Secure hosted environment with log-in and user roles for distinct levels of access
  • Industry leadership and expertise for compliance and platform management
  • Trust and neutrality on which you can rely

Local Service Solution Options

Neustar empowers communications service providers with a solution that effectively manages both sides of LSR processing with a universal interface for all ordering that is available through any U.S. service provider. The result: true peace of mind that your LSR will flow through to completion without a hitch!

Send Orders

LSR Preorders:

  • Validates key service information prior to submission of LSR order
  • Minimizes rejections of LSR orders due to incorrect information
  • Address Validation, Customer Service Record (CSR), Loop Qualification, and more

LSR Orders:

  • Enables the ordering of wholesale service elements associated with a local service
  • Integration with preorder responses to increase accuracy and save time
  • Number Port/Simple Port, Directory Listing, Loop, Directory Listing, and more
  • Robust feature set (e.g., templates, cloning, order status)
  • Optional fulfillment services (e.g., DL, SOA, E911, LIDB, CARE)

Receive Orders

Sending Requests:

Your service provider partners use a GUI to send requests to you.

  • Labeled with your corporate logo (known as a “branded” GUI)
  • Accessed via secure login
  • Robust feature set (e.g., templates, cloning, order status)
  • Offers full industry-compliant and simple port request options

Viewing Requests/Sending Responses:

You can send responses via a GUI or your API-enabled order management system (OMS).

  • GUI:
    • Accessed via secure login with ability for unique role assignment
    • Robust feature set (e.g., customer configuration, workflow notifications, order status)
    • Automatic notification of order completion to trading partners
  • API-Enabled Order Management System:
    • XML over SOAP integration

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