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Leverage Crucial Customer Signals from Site Activity

As consumers move along their journey they provide valuable pieces of information about themselves across numerous signals, both offline and online. One of the most valuable consumer touchpoints along their journey is your website. The intelligence gathered from each visit plays a crucial role in measuring your online business’ effectiveness at attracting and retaining an audience. It also provides direct insight into your customer’s interests and behaviors as it relates to your brand and your content.

Capture more insight with each website visit with a Server-to-Server (S2S) Site Activity Integration with Neustar. Learn more about what your site visitors want and discover what experiences drive the greatest conversions. Personalize each visit and provide more relevant and compelling experiences using what you know about each customer.

Use these robust site activities to help answer important questions like:

  • What percent of my site visitors made a purchase?
  • How much does it cost to bring a visitor to my website?
  • What are my most effective sources for driving traffic to my website?
  • How much time are my visitors spending on site and why?
  • What products and services are they most interested in?

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