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Neustar iTACT

Shorten the Investigative Process by Accessing the Most Precise Name, Address and Phone Data Available.


Do you lose precious time because you can’t quickly and easily identify the current telephone subscriber information for your investigations?

This information is now available with our Investigative Web-based application — iTACT.

With just a 10-digit phone number, iTACT provides access to phone subscriber information and the current carrier if a phone number has not been competitively ported (when someone changes their service carrier but retains the phone number). iTACT also provides additional phone data intelligence including whether a phone is prepaid and the in-service period. For investigations where only an address is known, iTACT can provide a name and phone number associated with that address. So, whether you’re verifying phone data to obtain an administrative subpoena, or conducting telephone toll analysis, iTACT instantly delivers the critical data you need for your investigations.

Immediate, Reliable Results

With unmatched speed, you can confirm subscriber and carrier information for a single phone number or an entire batch. With iTACT, you don’t have to settle for waiting a day or more for your data. It’s all done online and in real time.

More Accurate, Current and In-Depth Data

With iTACT, you’ll ensure currency, eliminate inaccuracies and avoid costly delays in your investigations.

All The Data You Need, When You Need It

With iTACT, not only can you verify an individual’s name, address and phone number in sub-second time, but you’ll have access to additional phone data intelligence critical to your investigations.

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