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Neustar IP Intelligence

Detect fraud. Score risk. Shield the bottom line.

Online fraud drains billions from businesses each year. Financial services, retail and gaming are just some of the industries feeling the pain.

Neustar IP Intelligence is a set of proven anti-fraud tools that can be easily integrated into your fraud prevention solution stack. Use our data services to obtain IP address intelligence to reduce costs and mitigate risks when doing business online. Our unique solutions are derived by amassing data from Neustar’s IP Intelligence network, comprised of clients, partners and third party providers that together with proprietary and patented processes yield data about an IP address which provides you with information about any visitor reaching your site. In other words, it lifts the veil of anonymity over the Internet’s architecture and lessens a big advantage criminals enjoy.

Choose from 2 Powerful Tools

GeoPoint IP Data

Integrate our IP address data directly into your fraud prevention solution. With over 30 location, network and contextual attributes, IP GeoPoint reveals where and how your visitors connect to the web. The REST API data-as-a-service lets you easily create geolocation-based rules to dictate automatic actions that—based on your criteria—block or flag suspicious transactions. The service is available on-demand, either hosted or on your site, in order to suit your real-time business needs.

IP Reputation

With GeoPoint data as the foundation, together with feedback from over 4 million transactions a day from our IPI Intelligence community and a variety of external data sources, Neustar IP Reputation provides scores for online fraud risk. We assess the “reputation” of an IP address and give you a clear score so that you can decide whether to invest further in risk evaluation methods. The result: you can take action faster, earlier in the fraud-detection cycle.

30+ Data Attributes for Every IP Address Deliver True IP Intelligence

Where are they from?

  • Area code
  • Postal code
  • City and city confidence factor
  • State and state confidence factor
  • Region
  • Country and country confidence factor
  • Continent
  • Defined market area (DMA)
  • Metropolitan statistical area (MSA)
  • Latitude/longitude
  • Time zone
  • GeoNames identifier

How did they reach you?

  • Proxy detection (level type and last detected)
  • Hosting facility
  • Autonomous system number (ASN)
  • Carrier/ISP
  • Connection speed
  • Connection type
  • IP routing type
  • Registering organization
  • Second-level domain
  • Top-level domain

What business or industry?

  • Home or business indicator
  • ISIC code
  • NAICS code
  • Organization type

Rely on the most comprehensive IP Intelligence solutions.

Neustar blends technologies, processes and people to deliver data you can trust. We track and map every routable IP address in the world. We augment our IP data with data provided from select global partners and vetted third parties to provide the most complete profile of an IP address. We provide the most accurate and granular location data and the most complete network and contextual attributes.

Privacy Matters

Neustar’s IP solution is privacy-compliant. Our data provides IP Intelligence without tracking individual behaviors or usage patterns. It is 100% PII-free (personally identifiable information).

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