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Neustar IP Intelligence

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It pays to know where and how your customers connect to the web. Will your next visitor come from Dallas, Minneapolis or London? Is he or she on a mobile device? Using a proxy server? Neustar IP Intelligence tells you all this and more.

With this data, you can localize web content, control use of digital media, fight online fraud and more. It’s the most accurate and reliable IP data in the world– verified by expert analysts, vetted by national auditors and supported start to finish by people driven to help you succeed.

The Most Accurate and Reliable IP Data, Bar None

Neustar blends technologies, processes and people to deliver data you can trust.

Trusted Technologies
Neustar has access to IP geolocation data directly from the source. We utilize patented, proprietary technologies to ensure complete and accurate data collection, tracking and mapping every routable IP address in the world. And by augmenting our IP geolocation data with insights derived from select global partners, we provide the most granular city level data, down to postal codes.

Trusted Processes
Every year, a Big Four auditing firm verifies our methods, both our automated and human processes. The auditors have confirmed the reliability of Neustar’s closed-loop methodology, which assures focused coverage of routable IP addresses worldwide. We also offer our GeoFeedback service, enabling you to enrich the data with intelligence of your own.

World-Class Expertise
With 100+ years of combined experience, our Network Geography Analysts interpret, add to and validate our IP address data. They’re an extra layer of assurance, guaranteeing your data is comprehensive and up to date.

Lifetime Service to Help You Maximize Results

Our support teams are here to help long after the ink has dried. Our dedicated Customer Success Managers assist with the implementation of your IP data, keep you posted on product upgrades and answer all your account related questions.

And you can count on our Professional Services Experts for in-depth technical support on a pre- and post-sale basis. They’ll help you integrate IP data into your applications and derive analytics-based insights to improve your operations.

Neustar Maps All Routable IP Addresses

Our database contains routable IP addresses worldwide.

image of world map

30+ Data Attributes for Every IP Address Deliver True IP Intelligence

Where are they from? How did they reach you? What business or industry?
  • Area code
  • Postal code
  • City and city confidence factor
  • State and state confidence factor,
  • Region
  • Country and country confidence factor
  • Continent
  • Defined market area (DMA)
  • Metropolitan statistical area (MSA)
  • Latitude/longitude
  • Time zone
  • Geonames identifier
  • Proxy detection (level, type and last detected)
  • Hosting provider
  • Autonomous system number (ASN)
  • Carrier/ISP
  • Connection speed
  • Connection type
  • IP routing type
  • Registering organization
  • Second-level domain
  • Top-level domain
  • Home or business indicator
  • ISIC code
  • NAICS code
  • Organization type

Privacy Matters

Neustar’s IP solution is privacy-compliant. Our data provides IP Intelligence without tracking individual behaviors or usage patterns. It is 100% PII-free (personally identifiable information).

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