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Neustar GeoPoint IP Intelligence Data

Fraud detection, when and how you want it.


Your challenge: monitor online transactions, prevent phishing and fight fraud. To raise the difficulty factor, you’d like to do it your way, with a solution you can integrate into your web applications.

Here’s some good news: it’s not so hard at all. With GeoPoint IP data, Neustar makes it easy to detect and reduce fraud.

Neustar GeoPoint data: set your own rules and take action.

Drawing on the Neustar GeoPoint IP Intelligence® database—which accurately maps billions of IP addresses worldwide—you can easily create rules to dictate automatic actions. Based on your criteria, reject or flag suspicious transactions for further review or denial.

Neustar blends technologies, processes and people to deliver data you can trust. We have access to IP geolocation data directly from the source and utilize patented, proprietary technologies for complete and accurate collection. In fact, Neustar tracks and maps every routable IP address in the world. 

Quick. Affordable. Trusted.

Skip the hassle. Integrate our IP data straight into your web applications using a REST API to our On-Demand hosted web service. That means no in-house deployment, saving you time, money and heartburn. No downloading, no installation and no maintenance required. The Neustar team is ready to help you get started, using the tools and environment you prefer.

For larger volumes, use our GeoDirectory Server.

Install the web service in your data center and access GeoPoint directly via a REST interface. Neustar’s GeoDirectory Server handles the most demanding applications. If you have large daily or peak-period transactions, this is the ticket. It’s a highly scalable solution answering thousands of queries per second. After deployment, the service automatically manages updates and no further maintenance is required. Neustar’s experts will help you pick the right configuration, one that meets your IP- geo needs while keeping your websites responsive

Rely on the freshest most complete data.

Both our on-demand service and GeoDirectory Server automatically give you the latest geolocation data. Once you’ve completed set up, we ensure your data is fresh.

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