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Telephone numbers, SIM serial numbers, IMSIs and IP addresses are the core customer data that carriers need to manage across the numbering, ordering, and routing supply. With the addition of next-generation networks, such as IMS Core and 4G, the breadth of services carriers can provide is much more expansive – as are the data and processes needed to support them across hybrid networks.

Neustar offers solutions that help you to bring up new, profitable services while ensuring that there are no disruptions to essential network traffic:

Neustar NumberManager

A Service Management System upgraded with NumberManager can coordinate and provision all the number portability subscription updates that the NPAC sends. Networks equipped with this application will receive all the data needed to properly route calls to ported and pooled numbers. The NumberManager application also maintains a mirror of the database, including recent porting history information which provides critical information for customer care and billing applications.


PathFinder provides global number port discovery to assist routing of SMS messages and telephone numbers, alleviating concerns about the increasing cost and complexity involved by providing a price competitive, reliable service with worldwide coverage.

Multimedia Interconnect Service (MMIS)

MMIS enables service providers to implement and manage policies for the intelligent and efficient routing of IP traffic between networks. Providers can easily direct traffic at the address level so they can control route, costs, and capabilities. MMIS provides a flexible platform that creates new revenue opportunities for Voice, Video, and IP multimedia applications, reduces operating costs, and simplifies network interconnection

Neustar offers routing solutions that transform your infrastructure into an efficiently orchestrated service delivery engine. We automate the workflows, reporting and interface change management to reduce revenue losses and maximize profits with greater efficiency in delivering multi-partner, value added services.


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