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Inbound Authentication Flex

Identify Trusted Callers More Quickly

Give Each Caller the Treatment They Deserve

Think of inbound caller authentication as a multiplier for your organization. Done poorly, it increases your organization’s risk. Done well, it improves customer experience, operational efficiency, and fraud fighting ability. So why does your contact center still gamble with knowledge-based authentication (KBA)?

Private Knowledge No Longer Predicts Identity

KBA represents a tremendous risk to your call center. It exasperates your customers. It balloons your average handle time. It’s useless against experienced fraudsters—every customers’ answers to your KBA questions have been compromised in data breaches or divulged on social media. Spoofing, virtualization, and number reassignment further negate legacy defenses.

Identify trusted callers for fast service and maximum operational efficiency, while flagging higher-risk calls for stepped-up authentication.

Neustar Inbound Authentication Flex meets your organization’s distinct needs. Identify callers instantly. Apply refined risk-based treatment to less-trusted callers only. Implement as a stand-alone or in support of multi-factor authentication. Screen all calls or just specific call flows, before or after answering. The results: fewer KBA questions, better customer experience, greater operational efficiency, and more focused fraud-fighting efforts.

Restore Trust in Phone Numbers

Most inbound calls are from real customers, not criminals. Verify the claimed number, and you eliminate wasteful knowledge-based authentication, move quickly to help customers, and offer more self-serve options. If you can’t verify the claimed number—if it’s spoofed, virtualized, or recently reassigned—then you proceed with a more rigorous treatment.

Neustar Inbound Authentication Flex makes phone numbers trustworthy again with industry-leading TRUSTID network forensic technology. It’s the only service that determines every call’s legitimacy, pre- or post-answer, by using TRUSTID’s proprietary infrastructure, data, and audit history for the calling number. You receive a binary trust assessment and a trust score, and protection against the most common criminal tactics: spoofing, virtualization, and number reassignment.

Meets your industry’s identity challenges
  • Healthcare - Engage patients and insurance members quickly while offering more self-service options
  • Utilities and Communications - Serve customers faster while reducing agent time and costs on knowledge-based authentication
  • Travel - Verify callers quickly to expedite service and protect their rewards accounts
  • Financial Services - Combine with a voice-bio solution for two-factor authentication

Neustar Inbound Authentication Flex improves consumer satisfaction, speeds call resolution, increases IVR containment, and reduces fraud risk across industries.

Give the Best Possible Customer Experience

Treating inbound callers as potential threats compromises customer experience and operational efficiency. With Neustar Inbound Authentication Flex, route identified callers for quick problem solving. Apply risk-based authentication treatments to unvalidated callers only. Deliver a more accurate, less costly, and faster approach by combining call data analysis with exclusive carrier data and an unparalleled database of call audits.

Call Data Analysis

The calling ANI and signaling data for each call is sent to the TRUSTID service. Each call’s data is checked for consistency and compliance with telephony standards and each carrier’s data format patterns.

Carrier Analysis

4,000 carriers operate in North America. Each supports a different set of capabilities when originating calls. Hacked calls often contain flawed data on their originating carrier. The TRUSTID service monitors for those flaws by operating within the telephone network.

Call Audit Data

The TRUSTID service has audited billions of phone calls since its inception. The audit history forms a dataset with over 150 million phone numbers, providing unique insight into the trustworthiness of a new call from a claimed phone number.

Insight Engine

The platform processes more input data on more calls than any other call-validation service in the market. The TRUSTID insight engine leverages machine learning, informed by the processing of billions of live calls, to determine call trust from all of these signals.

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  • Increase consumer satisfaction – Greet callers with “How can we help you?” rather than “Who are you?” and spend more time responding to their unique needs.
  • Decrease operational expenses – Automatic caller identification drives an average $5.50 savings per IVR-contained call, and 45¢-90¢ savings per agent-handled call.
  • Reduce fraud risk – Automatically verify most inbound callers, and focus fraud-fighting resources on those that should receive closer scrutiny.
  • Improve compliance and security – Mitigate risk of account takeover, and better support compliance with privacy regulations and authentication best practices.
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