Inbound Authentication Best Practices

Discover 12 steps to improve fraud-fighting effectiveness, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce operating costs with Neustar Inbound Authentication.

Neustar Inbound Authentication blocks fraudsters out of inbound call centers while letting customers through faster. After analyzing billions of customer calls, Neustar has identified best practices for getting the most out of the service:

  • Create trusted caller flows to minimize IVR-to-agent transfers and agent involvement in authentication
  • Implement risk-based authentication to reduce false positives while flagging high-risk callers
  • Increase ANI match rate to benefit the maximum number of legitimate callers
  • Develop a caller-treatment matrix to ensure each caller receives optimal treatment

Download this document for concrete steps to reduce fraud, caller friction, average handle times, and IVR-to-agent transfers with Neustar Inbound Authentication.

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