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Are You Frustrating Your Callers With Poor Authentication?

When they call your contact centers for help, are they greeted with ‘Can we help you?’ or ‘Can we trust you?’ Identity interrogation for up to 90 seconds – “Account number, PIN, and mother’s maiden name, please.” – is no way to begin a customer service call.

How can you improve customer experience without sacrificing security or bloating your budget? Authenticate your callers before they enter your IVR or speak with an agent.

Resolve Callers’ Issues Faster

A pre-answer authentication token from TRUSTID, combined with a simple PII question like last four of SSN, reduces time spent for multi-factor authentication to less than 10 seconds. That’s a significant improvement over the industry standard: using multiple knowledge-based authentication questions. The result: callers resolve their issues 20-80 seconds faster with less frustration.

A banking customer of TRUSTID reported their ranking for contact center satisfaction in the J.D. Power’s 2016 U.S. Retail Banking Satisfaction Study moved up more than 15 positions after deploying TRUSTID’s solution.

Offer More Extensive Self-Service

Online shopping and support have substantially increased consumers’ expectations. They want more self-service options over the phone too. Using TRUSTID, contact centers can meet that demand by adding more high-risk transactions to their IVRs. Money transfers, PIN resets, and even international travel notifications become options when you can trust your callers

Reduce Callers’ Anxiety

When callers have a problem they can’t resolve themselves – account lockout or answering a fraud alert, for example – they’re stressed by the time they speak with an agent. They don’t want to answer knowledge-based authentication questions. They want help. Authenticating callers pre-answer allows agents to start helping immediately.

Agents Give Better Service

They detest identity interrogation as much as your callers do. When agents can begin problem solving faster, your callers benefit. Happier agents make better brand representatives and are less likely to quit. The more senior agents become, the more effectively they can help callers with complex problems.

Recently, a national insurance company surveyed its employees about their favorite new technology. From dozens of products evaluated TRUSTID was the clear winner.

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“The last thing an upset caller wants is to answer five authentication questions before getting help. They expect us to know who they are. Thanks to TRUSTID, we know the customer is calling from one of their numbers so we can optimize their experience.”

Senior Vice President, Top 10 U.S. Bank
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