Business Analytics and Process Audits, Performed by Neustar Professional Services, Improves Processes to Optimize Your Operations


Your operations are constantly evolving, with changes large and small, internal and external. Each change adds new levels of complexity to how you process and fulfill orders. There are new services to provide, competitive challenges to meet and operational nuances that impact your back-office environment, systems and processes. Operating at peak performance – a level that meets your customers’ expectations and allows you to maximize revenue – drives you to identify and address potential problem areas.

Business Analytics and Process Audits, performed by Neustar Professional Services, provides you insight into your operations, including your data, processes, workflows and people, to help your operations perform at maximum efficiency.

Services from Assessment to Implementation

Neustar is uniquely positioned to assess and analyze your entire operations. Our experts have been working with communications service providers in the industry since 1996, to provide guidance services across the entire lifecycle of their operations. We offer a complete range of services to help you identify enhancements that yield measurable results and positive returns.

Assessments and Advisory Services – we work with your teams to observe and review your current business operations, and present a report and executive presentation of findings with a proposal for suggested changes.

Audits – we reconcile data between internal and external systems and databases to identify data discrepancies and the root cause(s) of quality issues.

Plan and Design – we provide technical designs and project plans to implement proposed changes to accelerate your timeline to recognizing the business benefits.

Build and Implement – we can provide technical account management or augment your staff to perform or assist with deployment or implementation as needed.

Operational Optimization – we use your recent production data to analyze both transaction performance and transaction volume to identify areas of improvement.

Business Analytics and Process Services

Business Assessments – we study your current business operations and conclude with a findings report that includes recommendations on changes to improve operations.

Data Audits – we perform reconciliation and dynamic audits to identify data discrepancies between systems and processes. Documentation includes gap analysis and remediation steps.

Data Import, Migration Planning – we can plan and automate data imports and migrations, and provide you reports on the performance of the import or migration.

Business Analytics and Reporting – we provide documentation and or source data based on your custom requirements.

Transaction Performance Analysis – we analyze performance trends, transaction types/failures and external system interaction. We provide documentation including performance reports, gap analysis and remediation steps.

Transaction Volume Analysis – we analyze the transactions per second, perform busy hour, seasonal and long-term trending analysis. We provide documentation including load test results, historical trends and forecasting.

User Efficiency Analysis – we provide user activity and error reports and provide documentation including gap analysis and remediation steps, such as training.

Recommend Corrective Actions – all Professional Services Analysis Engagements include documentation outlining our findings with a summary of corrective actions. We prioritize and rank the corrective measures in a suggested order of importance. We also provide a proposal and timeline if you would like Neustar to perform the recommended services.

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