Neustar Identity for Customer Data Platforms and Data Partnerships

Power Your CDP with Better Data – and Better Identity

If you want your marketing efforts to achieve a meaningful impact and you want your analytics to be able to tell you your whole marketing truth—that is, demonstrate the business value you are delivering for your organization—then you need both a complete data set you can trust and an accurate and holistic view of customer identity. Especially in today’s connected world, where customers move across multiple channels and touchpoints and data resides in many places. Leading brands have gained a competitive advantage by bringing all of their data together, not only to ensure unified customer data, but also to deliver actionable insights.

Instead of relying solely on your CRM, or on traditional customer data platforms (CDPs) that stitch identities together, but don’t perform actual identity resolution, they’re turning to a different kind of CDP solution – one that resolves fractional identifiers from various data sources into one identity, and is built with privacy by design. Our goal is to provide identity resolution when and where clients need it – whether that’s directly through us, via a cloud-based data platform or a CDP.

Our Customer Data Platforms powered by Neustar’s Unified Identity is powered by identity resolution and gives marketers the ability to:

  • Ingest data
  • Normalize the data
  • Verify this information against an authoritative truth set
  • Enrich this intelligence
  • And ultimately integrate this data into the marketing landscape

Whether or not you’re already using a CDP vendor, having incomplete identity data, or worse—the wrong identity data in your customer data environments—puts both your marketing campaigns and your brand at risk. That’s why Neustar has partnered with leading data partners to provide access to the most accurate and complete demographic data available, including:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • And more customer data

This data then gets compiled, verified, and enhanced with hundreds of demographic, behavioral, financial, property, segmentation and geographic attributes, enabling your organization to fill in the gaps across your existing customer data environments—or build a new one from scratch—with safe, secure, and verified intelligence built to guarantee best-in-class privacy compliance and data encryption.

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