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How Vodafone Transformed into an Analytics-Driven Culture

Improving marketing effectiveness requires both the right advanced analytics tools and a holistic, insights-driven culture. According to our study with Forrester, brands with a strong analytics culture enjoy three times faster business decision-making, higher marketing ROI, and many other benefits.

To get there, teams must receive adequate support and be aligned around the right KPIs and objectives. Without that, you risk wasting time and money on poorly made marketing decisions-none of which bodes well for you or your customers' experience with your brand.

In this webinar, Neustar's head of growth, Mark Gooding, and Vodafone's global senior digital marketing manager, Sinem Soydar, discussed strategies for cultivating the right culture that drives marketing effectiveness and better ROI.

This presentation will prepare you and your organization for analytics excellence by teaching you:

  • How to self-assess your organization's analytics maturity and take steps toward improving it
  • How companies with strong analytics cultures collaborate with customer insights and data teams in marketing decision-making, to keep data insights more directly connected to decision-making
  • How to best cultivate an analytics culture by combining the right strategies with top-down operational and organizational change
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