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How to Optimize Your Dialing Operations While Combating Call Blocking

It’s a tough time for contact centers making outbound dials. Not only do 88% of business calls go unanswered, but when you factor in dials going to the wrong person, the industry-wide right party contact rates hover at a dismal 3%.

So what is making it so incredibly difficult to reach customer by phone? One of the problems is the ever-changing consumer data. On average, 37% of people have at least one change in their name, home address, or phone number in a single year and an estimated 5%-15% of typical CRM data can change in a single month. How can a brand expect its contact center to connect with customers if reps are using outdated or incomplete information?

But even if the CRM record is correct, that’s still not a guarantee someone is willing to pick up your call. Calls have the potential to be blocked or incorrectly flagged as a scam, even if they’re legitimate. Your caller ID may be quite often showing up as blank, inconsistent, or incorrect, which makes consumers far less likely to trust the call enough to pick up the phone.

Equally challenging is knowing who, when, and how to dial. For decades, organizations have largely relied on compiled credit bureau and demographic information for their contact strategies. But these methods typically emphasize quantity over quality, with stale data, major gaps in coverage—often as high as 40% of phones—and lack of any true insight into crucial phone behavior, like the best time to call.

Neustar’s Contact Center Solutions for Optimizing Outbound Dialing

Neustar Outbound Dialing Solutions dramatically improve right-party contact (RPC) rates by optimizing and de-risking outbound dialing solutions. Through our unique relationships with phone carriers, management of over 90% of U.S. caller ID, and our industry leading Neustar OneID® identity management system, we address every critical aspect of outbound dialing.


  • Customer Record Enhancement
    Proactively pushing consumer changes to your CRM database
  • Caller Name Optimization
    Preventing outbound calls from being blocked or spam-mislabeled
  • Phone Behavior Intelligence
    Optimizing calling strategies with data on “best number to use” and “best time/day to call”
  • Branded Call Display
    Ensuring an accurate and consistent Caller ID experience


  • Contact Compliance Risk
    Identifying numbers at risk for TCPA violations
  • Outbound Risk
    Mitigating phone fraud risk without additional friction

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