Optimize Outbound Communications Operations While Combating Call Blocking

It’s a tough time for outbound contact centers. Consumers rarely answer calls or texts from unknown sources. 88 percent of business calls and texts go unanswered or to the wrong person, wasting significant operational resources.

Why is it so incredibly difficult to reach consumers? One of the problems is the ever-changing nature of consumer data. On average, 37 percent of people have at least one change in their name, home address, or phone number in a single year. An estimated five to fifteen percent of typical CRM data can change in a single month.i How can a brand expect its contact center to connect with customers if agents are using outdated or incomplete information?

But even if the CRM record is correct, there’s no guarantee the consumer will be reached. SMS text messages may be going to incompatible landlines. Emails may bounce back from inactive addresses. Calls have the potential to be blocked or incorrectly flagged as scams, even if they’re legitimate. Your caller ID may be showing up as blank, inconsistent, or incorrect, which makes consumers far less likely to trust the call enough to pick up the phone.

Equally challenging is knowing who to contact, when, and how. For decades, organizations have largely relied on compiled credit bureau and demographic information for their contact strategies. But these sources aren’t in the business of maintaining up-to-date consumer data and lack true insight into consumer phone behavior, like who is most likely to answer and the best time to reach out.

Neustar TRUSTID Contact Center Solutions for Optimizing Outbound Communications

Neustar TRUSTID Contact Center Solutions improve right-party contact (RPC) rates 33 percent on average. Through our unique relationships with phone carriers, management of over 90 percent of U.S. caller ID, and our industry-leading Neustar OneID® identity management platform, we address every critical aspect of outbound communications. In combination with email addresses and SMS text appends, this enables an efficient omnichannel approach for more effective engagement.

  • Phone Behavior Intelligence:  Increase right-party contact rates 33 percent by knowing who to contact, which number to use, and the best day and time to contact them. Ensure contact records are complete and accurate.
  • Caller Name Optimization:  Ensure outbound dials are not improperly blocked or mislabeled as spam calls.
  • Contact Compliance Risk:  Manage non-compliance risk while quickly identifying and prioritizing the right telephone numbers for a given consumer.
  • SmartTrace:  Improve right-party-contact rates by leveraging higher-quality data as an alternative to skip trace data.
  • Phone Takeover Risk: Mitigate account takeover fraud associated with one-time passcodes and calls via real-time intelligence on whether a phone is at risk for SIM card swap, unauthorized reassignment, or call forwarding.

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