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Holistic Security Solutions Overview

Today’s connected world leaves no room for error. Cyberattacks and missed connections can cause lasting damage to your business’s reputation and bottom line. Our Performance & Defense solutions secure your digital presence against risks and downtime while leaving you open for opportunities, ensuring your customers enjoy consistent, uninterrupted, quality interactions.

Neustar solutions will accelerate the performance of your online presence by helping you defend your network against threats and inform you of potential vulnerabilities. What we offer enterprises is a holistic, comprehensive solutions portfolio that delivers deep layers of defense and even deeper security intelligence to protect your business in an increasingly hostile online world. All toward bringing uninterrupted, more personalized experiences to your customers and safeguarding the stability of your digital enterprise and revenue stream.

Since the turn of the decade, Performance & Defense has played a pivotal role in who we are and what we do. We are the trusted source of decisioning data on 99.99 percent of all routable IP address worldwide. We’re the second largest DNS provider in the world, handling over one trillion DNS queries per month in our massively scalable and ultra secure network. And we tirelessly innovate to create new ways to detect, mitigate and respond to the latest threat vectors, from zero-day viruses to suspicious endpoints— all in a manner that’s simple to deploy and easy to manage.


Performance Protection: Know How You’re Doing

Not every online exchange is an occasion for fraud. Many transactions are and will continue to be legitimate and, for these, having visibility into the quality of the experience can be just as important as ensuring the security of that experience.

Neustar’s Website Performance Management (WPM) solution provides critical insights into your website’s performance, identifying issues at a granular level through actionable and easy-to-understand reports.

Website Performance Management is a boon to brands that need to protect their online reputation and ensure quality customer experiences.

As a robust solution designed to help organizations of all sizes maintain high customer satisfaction, WPM offers features that include:

  • Cloud-based testing for unlimited scaling;
  • Insight into key performance issues such as bandwidth, error rates, poor configuration, browser problems and more;
  • Full-service and on-demand testing that can be easily customized and run continuously.

Holistic Security is a Whole Lot Smarter

Digital defense is a bedrock of your online presence. You must defend your digital assets and protect your opportunities to engage confidently with customers through intelligence that works beyond the point of entry. Your cyber defense depends on understanding the intent of each connection. The objective is boosting resilience against disruptions and cyberattacks.

Attack risks don’t come from a single direction. At any moment in time, your organization could be facing multiple threat vectors at once:

  • Experienced cybercriminals hiding behind a fake identity in a foreign country;
  • Thousands of hijacked devices strung into a botnet to batter your website;
  • Internal employees who unwittingly download ransomware onto your network servers.

In many cases, Chief Security Officers are fighting multiple battles on multiple fronts with a piecemeal defense of security solutions. The problem with this strategy is that managing and integrating those different pieces can result in gaps, both in terms of threat intelligence and threat response. Neustar offers a simpler, smarter approach: a holistic, multilayered defense strategy that combines threat intelligence, automation and seamless protection, delivered in the cloud and managed by a single, experienced vendor.

The Neustar Defense Solutions Portfolio protects your organization where it needs it most: at the Domain Name System (DNS) level where Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and malware infiltration often occur, at the IP level where identity and reputation are established, and at the application level where vulnerabilities can be exploited.

Together, these pieces give organizations the peace of mind to embrace the digital world around them without fear of losing critical information or tarnishing their brand.


DNS Protection: Our Domain of Expertise

Domain Name System servers are on the front lines of cyberattacks. They are frequently the target of DDoS attacks and quickly become overloaded with numerous false requests, eventually shutting them down. DNS servers are also responsible for connecting your internal users to the outside digital world and, if left unsecured, can allow users to download potentially harmful content.

DNS technology performs two distinct roles in the network. As a recursive DNS server, it resolves an alphanumeric IP address into understandable and recognizable words, such as mybusiness.com. As an authoritative DNS server, it connects users to a specific application or web content. And due to their design, DNS servers have their own unique security needs. For example, a recursive DNS server might require ultra-low latency and protection against DNS spoofing. An authoritative DNS server, on the other hand, could benefit from security measures that ensure availability, such as DDoS protection.

Neustar offers two unique and complementary solutions to address today’s DNS security requirements: UltraDNS and UltraRecursive. Both solutions provide secure, hosted DNS services within Neustar’s massive, high-performance and high-security cloud network.

Capable of functioning as primary or secondary DNS server solution, UltraDNS delivers industry-leading security and availability, providing you with:

  • 100 percent uptime guarantee and the industry’s highest SLA assurances
  • Built-in protection against DDoS attacks, DNS spoofing and more through the power of our exclusive DNS Shield network and technology
  • Single-click DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) and IPv6 compliance
  • A trusted, proven solution that handles over 37 billion global DNS queries every day

Our UltraRecursive solution protects your recursive DNS servers from malware, cyberattacks and other threats. Together with our UltraDNS solution, it provides a powerful combination of cloud-based security that is designed to deliver optimal performance in a simple, scalable solution.


DDoS Protection: Don’t Live in Denial

More than 90 percent of organizations reported some type of DDoS attack or activity in 2017. That’s according to our Global DDoS Attacks & Cyber Security Insights Report, a detailed survey of more than 1,000 senior IT and security executives. The report also found that 76 percent of organizations that suffered a DDoS attack were targeted repeatedly. DDoS clearly isn’t something that only affects Fortune 500 companies; it’s everybody’s problem.

To help organizations combat the rising number of DDoS attacks, Neustar offers SiteProtect Next Generation (NG): a powerful DDoS mitigation service running on a massive, global platform that is the world’s largest dedicated DDoS mitigation network. With SiteProtect NG, organizations can rapidly detect, protect against, and respond to DDoS attacks.

SiteProtect NG delivers fast, flexible, expert DDoS mitigation services including:

  • DDoS attack monitoring, detection and response from Neustar security experts;
  • On-premise, cloud and hybrid models that provide flexibility and scalability for large-scale DDoS attacks;
  • Automated and manual DDoS attack responses in five minutes or less, guaranteed.

In concert with SiteProtect NG, we also offer a powerful Web Application Firewall (WAF) service. The two solutions, together, provide always-on DDoS mitigation that creates a comprehensive layer of protection against high volume, botnet-based DDoS attacks as well as threats that target application vulnerabilities. WAF and SiteProtect NG represent a true cloud-based solution that requires minimal IT management and no additional capex or complexity in the network. The solution is augmented by Neustar’s security experts to make sure that the latest threat intelligence and mitigation tactics are employed in the defense of your organization.


Vulnerability & Penetration Testing: Know What Needs Work

Neustar Professional Services deliver the expertise and experience needed to identify and fill defense gaps – both physical and digital. Our service team members carry coveted industry certifications (e.g., Certified Ethical Hackers) and boast an average of 16 years of experience, so you know you can trust our security advice.

  • Network assessment, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing;
  • Defense solution planning and design;
  • Solution integration and customization;
  • Performance optimization including website performance and testing optimization;
  • 24/7 technical support plus optional on-site staff augmentation;
  • On-site and remote training.

Identity Assurance: Know Who You’re Dealing With, Do It Faster

Much of the original appeal of the Internet was its anonymity. That anonymity can protect our individual privacy, but it can also protect the identity of criminals and imminent attacks. Even when you know the IP address on the other end of a transaction, how do you know that IP address is authentic, safe and not simply hiding another IP address behind it?

With Neustar’s IP Intelligence, organizations finally have reliable, actionable insight into the identity and intent of every IP address.

As the trusted source for 99.99 percent of the world’s routable IP address data, Neustar is uniquely qualified to protect organizations from untrusted or suspicious IP traffic while also protecting the identity of users.

Neustar IP Intelligence also enables performance capabilities by accurately delivering over-the-top (OTT) content and streaming media.

Neustar’s IP Intelligence solution includes IP GeoPoint and IP Reputation. IP GeoPoint presents more than 40 unique attributes for each IP address including location, proxy presence, network connection, carrier, device type and more. IP Reputation uses advanced algorithms to intelligently score the risk and reputation of each IP address. With IP Intelligence, organizations can make highly informed and trustworthy decisions to protect their network against potential fraud, theft and malware.

Professional Services: We Bring It All Together for You

Neustar Digital Performance & Defense Advisory Services help you secure your networks and data. Our services assess the vulnerability of your online systems, prescribe fixes for weaknesses and gauge performance so your digital presence is protected against cyber threats and provides customers with uninterrupted experiences.

  • Business Continuity Management
  • Cyber Security Assessments
  • Web Performance Analysis & Optimization
  • Risk Mitigation Best Practices
  • DNS Audit
  • Product Guidance

Optimum Performance, Robust Defense

With Neustar cloud-based Performance & Defense solutions, you can protect your business without having to worry about protecting your investment. Get best-of-breed DDoS protection, DNS security, IP intelligence, website performance and more, from the most trusted name in domain names: Neustar.

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