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Neustar Ethernet Ordering

Simplified access ordering for next-gen networks


Communications Service Providers (CSPs) rely on a nationwide network of access trading partners to extend their presence and provide last-mile connectivity to valuable enterprise and government customers. Ethernet is the preferred access service due to its attractive performance and cost benefits, but ordering Ethernet access is often a lengthy, cumbersome and error-prone process. Users must be well-versed in industry terminology and acronyms and processing can take up to 180 days before end-users are activated and billed.

Buy and Sell in One Solution

Neustar simplifies ordering and provisioning access services, enabling CSPs to quickly and reliably buy and sell access wherever their customers are located. With one solution to send and receive access service requests (ASRs), Neustar provides established interconnection to all major access providers. Simplified forms and guided field selection allow any users to efficiently process orders with greater flow-through.

Neustar Ethernet Ordering Highlights

  • Single connection and universal interface to send and receive Ethernet access service requests
  • Electronically bonded, using NDM or UOM as available by trading partner
  • Built-in integration to Metro Ethernet Forum recommendations and compliance to industry and carrier-specific business rules

Neustar — Simplifying Access Order Management

Since 2003, Neustar has provided order management solutions that increase order flow-through, shorten the time to order completion and help you increase revenues and reduce costs. The Neustar Clearinghouse provides gateways to your trading partners with a compliant solution that ensures your orders meet all industry, forum and carrier- specific rules and guidelines. Our hosted solution includes all maintenance and upgrades, reducing your IT and change management costs and risk.

Features Benefits
Electronically bonded with all major ILEC access trading partners AT&T, Verizon, CenturyLink, Qwest, FairPoint, Frontier and Hawaiian Telecom.
Supports NDM or UOM Uses NDM or UOM as determined by customer need and capabilities
Single interface and universal connection to all major access vendors Reduces swivel-chair processing and reduces error and delay
Built-in compliance and updates for all industry and corporate business rule support
  • Integrates recommendations from the Metro Ethernet Forum
  • Ordering and Billing Forum Access Service Ordering Guidelines
  • Hundreds of carrier-specific business rules
  • Includes request/response validation
Intuitive GUI that reduces the learning curve and reduces user error
  • Full-text descriptions
  • Guided order entry based on user input
  • Pre-populated fields
Pre-order validation to increase flow-through and reduce fall-out
  • Verify critical data elements prior to submission to optimize order completion rates and reduce fall-out.

Neustar Professional Services: Speed, Scale and Expertise for Your Next-Gen Initiatives

Ordering Ethernet is a complex and lengthy process, with myriad options, dependencies, standards and rules. Neustar Professional Services can help scale your operations for network expansion, service upgrade or circuit decommissioning projects.

Leverage Neustar’s business optimization services for:

  • Large scale and Bulk Order Processing. Neustar speeds your time to revenue or to savings by processing large scale orders for network commissioning and decommissioning efforts.
  • Process Assessment and Gap Analysis. Accelerate your Ethernet deployments with a review of your current processing practices, from order receipt to fulfillment to billing. We identify gaps and areas that can be improved to meet industry standards, implement best practices and reach expected performance levels.
  • Order Fall-out Management. Neustar manages and resolves rejected and special cases that require extra attention. We review and analyze fall-out reasons, discuss resolutions with Trading Partners and obtain required information to resubmit or supplement orders through completion.

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