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Neustar Networking Solutions Ensure Seamless Interconnection

Boost Efficiency and Profits with Our Trusted and Reliable Solutions Designed Specifically for Carriers


Businesses are always striving to do more with less, while at the same time trying to keep a keen eye on improving their performance and lifting revenue. That’s not always an easy task to accomplish. But there is a better way forward.

Neustar manages the increased complexity in the telecommunications industry through its set of unique databases and system infrastructure in geographically dispersed data centers. This ensures the seamless connection of our carrier customers’ numerous networks, while also enhancing the capabilities and performance of their infrastructure.

Neustar also facilitates order management and work flow processing among carriers. This allows operators to manage and optimize the addressing and routing of Internet Protocol, or IP, communications. Neustar helps you to connect seamlessly via:

Solutions to Ensure You

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  • Leverage Unequaled Networking Expertise

Neustar NumberManager

Neustar manages the NPAC database, which enables consumers in the United States and Canada to keep their numbers when switching carriers. Service providers use the NPAC to process changes centrally to essential network elements that are used to route telephone calls. The NPAC supports emerging technologies and is the only number portability system that supports multiple communications technologies in a single repository. Neustar also implements the administration of the allocation of pooled blocks of unassigned telephone numbers.

Multimedia Interconnect Service (MMIS)

MMIS enables service providers to implement and manage policies for the intelligent and efficient routing of IP traffic between networks. Providers can easily direct traffic at the address level so they can control route, costs, and capabilities. MMIS provides a flexible platform that creates new revenue opportunities for Voice, Video, and IP multimedia applications, reduces operating costs and simplifies network interconnection.


PathFinder is a GSMA Number Translation Service operated by Neustar. This service facilitates IP inter-operability by translating telephone numbers to IP-based addresses. Interoperability is particularly important in facilitating the uptake of emerging services such as Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), IP-Multimedia Service (IMS), and Packet Voice. Based on Carrier Electronic Numbering (ENUM), PathFinder is available to mobile operators, fixed network operators, and related service providers. As next generation IP- based services proliferate, operators can utilize PathFinder to position new services behind the telephone number already used by subscribers.


Neustar operates the iTRS ENUM Database under contract to the FCC, created following a recent FCC Order. The iTRS database maps 10 digit U.S. telephone numbers to IP addresses or Instant Message screen names using the industry standard ENUM protocol. Video Relay Service and IP Relay users who are deaf or hard of hearing are assigned these 10 digit telephone numbers by their chosen default provider. These telephone numbers, which automatically create relay calls when they are called by hearing users, are real, local geographic telephone numbers. Relay calls which are direct dialed by hearing callers to deaf or hard of hearing persons use the default relay provider to provide interpreting services. Similarly, a call by a deaf or hard of hearing user to a hearing person may be direct dialed on the deaf/HoH user's IP device and will be placed automatically as a relay call using the default provider.

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