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Neustar Enhanced Wireless File


Neustar Enhanced Wireless File is an on-premise file that includes approximately 100 million self-reported mobile phone numbers, names and addresses. The power behind the file is the additional insights that we associate with each phone number. One of the most valuable insights is Neustar's authoritative Accuracy Classification Code which identifies the linkage quality for each mobile phone number to a name and an address combination. Additionally, the file includes indicators to determine whether the wireless number is a prepaid phone, to describe the last time the phone number was used, and whether or not the phone number belongs to a wireless-only household. All of this mobile phone number data is available to you from a single source, in a single file.

Unmatched, In-Depth Data

The foundation of the file uses Neustar's market-proven, real-time insights engine IANSM , which stands for Identifiers, Attributes and Network. IAN's Identifier and Attribute layers fuel the Enhanced Wireless File which is built on corroborated, automatic daily feeds from nationwide Telecommunications Service Providers and hundreds of data partners. As a trusted, neutral provider of all this hard-to-find data, Neustar ensures that you receive the most accurate, complete and up-to-date data including:

  • Verification Type — Provides an Accuracy Classification Code leveraging Neustar's authoritative data repository to identify correct and incorrect linkages between each self-reported mobile phone number, and the associated name and address
  • Phone Activity Indicator — Indicates whether or not the mobile phone number has been used over a preceding time period
  • Prepaid Phone Indicator — Identifies whether the submitted customer's phone number is a prepaid wireless subscriber
  • Wireless Only Household Indicator — Identifies if the mobile phone number is within a household that does not have a landline, only a wireless phone number

Make Smart Verification

Contact us today to find out how the Neustar Enhanced Wireless File helps you increase contactability, boost decision making confidence, speed up the approval process and reduce risk.

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