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Enhance Contact Compliance While Improving Right-Party Contact Rates and Revenue Per Call

If you’re a company that makes numerous outbound calls to consumers, you probably know something about the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Operations departments are faced with not only creating an efficient and profitable group that maximizes right-party contacts and revenue-per-dial, but also managing the dynamic legal requirements involved in maintaining compliance with contact compliance regulations.

Companies that don’t proactively incorporate best practices for compliance management are putting themselves at risk of significant regulatory penalties, potential class action damages, and decreased effectiveness in their outbound communications.

Contact compliance risk is greatly complicated by constantly changing consumer phone data. Mitigating your contact compliance risk means implementing a phone intelligence solution that incorporates and integrates data elements from a variety of authoritative and trusted sources, so you can make informed decisions in conjunction with your risk tolerance when dialing or texting a consumer.

Supercharge Your Operational Efficiency and Mitigate Your Risk

contact compliance Risk not only mitigates your risk of violations; it also supercharges your operations by allowing you to quickly identify and prioritize the right telephone numbers for a given consumer, filling in gaps in your identity records. Not only are your consumer records kept complete and up-to-date, but you’ll also have deep insights into predictive phone characteristics to increase your Right Party Contact (RPC) rates.

Neustar is also the only identity provider offering Proactive Change Notifications, meaning that changes in consumer records are pushed to you in near real-time. Rather than inefficient bulk updates that leave your records in danger of going stale, Proactive Change Notifications ensure your CRM database always remains fresh and accurate as consumer information changes.

Let Neustar Be Your contact compliance Partner

We are the industry leader in contact compliance and right-party contact, and are trusted by:

  • The Top 10 U.S. Banks
  • The Top 10 Credit Card Issuers
  • Hundreds of the top brands across a wide range of verticals, including finance, retail, healthcare, utilities, insurance, collections, and travel and hospitality
  • Plus, Neustar was the only solution provider mentioned in the FCC’s declaratory ruling

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